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Dissolve 0,3-1 g mummy in a small quantity of milk (0.5 tsp), mix with the flour ...

When applying strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, even beer.

1. Gastric ulcer. 0,25 g mummy to 1 kg of the patient to treatment. Drink 14 days to 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals on an empty stomach. It turns out 0.3 g per reception, diet. The course of treatment - 15 days. You can dissolve 15 g in 42 tablespoons boiled water and drink 1 tbsp To wash down with tea or milk.

2. Colitis. Drink 0,15-0,2 g per night. After eating 3 hours 1 time per day for 10 days. If necessary, repeat in 10-15 days for about 1-2 year. Wash down sweet. One course is 1,5-2 g mummy.

3. Periodontal disease. Dilute 2 g mummy in warm water, gargle and swallow a few times a day.

4.'s Disease of the gall bladder, liver and kidneys. Dissolve 0,3-1 Mr. mummy in a little milk (0,5 tsp), mix with flour to make a candle, and put into the anus, while drinking at 0,2 g mum on the night after eating after 3 hours within 10 days. If necessary, after 5-10 days of treatment again.

5. Rheumatism. Drink mumiyo 10 days on the night of 2 g per treatment. After 10-15 days, repeat 1-2 additional course. At the same time at night to make a warming wrap on the joints of the solution mummy.

6. Heart failure. Drink mummy at night after eating after 3 hours for 10 days. After 5-10 days of treatment again. Can be used in solid form. Take on the 0.2 g per night. If the pain intensifies, the rate of medication to reduce by half.

7. Radiculitis. 2 g mummy to 1 g of copper sulfur, rubbing, if need be, to liquefy add 3-6 drops of water. To rub the sore spots for the night and make a compress out of a dry woolen cloth. By morning the pain away. Ingestion of 0.2 g in the morning on an empty stomach. 10 days to drink 5-day break. 3-4 courses.

8. Headache. Make the nose injections of 3% solution of mummy.

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