Product bee honey sweetness brings health, happiness and joy

Honey is the basis for all compounds and balms, contains almost all trace elements in its composition resembles human blood plasma ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I am behind about 10 years of experience in the application of various compounds and balms based on bee products and medicinal herbs, and I want the newspaper to offer our readers a number of publications on this subject.

So, to maintain human health should be a day to replenish your body proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids and other food ingredients. Their daily intake should consist of more than 600 units.

Modern, refined high-energy food contains about 200 ingredients - thus, about 400 substances needed every day we are not dopoluchaem. And if this still lead an active lifestyle, the body begins to work in the regime of constant stress. As a result, the system to protect it fails and we are starting to ache. But if you add the missing components in the diet, the forces are gradually being restored, is self-regulation and self-healing organism through the mobilization of its internal capabilities. And this will help honey.

It is the basis for all compounds and balms, contains almost all trace elements in its composition resembles plasma of human blood! In the composition of honey consists of key enzymes: diastoza, amylose, catalase, fosfatoza
Due to the content phytoncids honey has a bactericidal action
It contains a wide range of vitamins
Honey has a distinct advantage over other carbohydrates: easily eliminated from the body, does not cause irritation of the digestive tract, quickly recovers energy loss has choleretic and calming effect, contains the optimal amounts of micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, hormones, bacteriostatic, flavorings
Honey well absorbed by muscle cells
Due to the content in honey iron, magnesium and folic acid increases the number of its reception of hemoglobin, reduces nervous irritability, removes toxins from the body and improves the metabolic processes
Honey has beneficial effects on the intestine, kidney, liver, cardiovascular system

How correctly to use honey?

Do not swallow it immediately, honey should be sucked like candy, candy. You can use it with juices, milk, herbal teas. If you start the day and finish his reception of honey water, then very quickly get the necessary energy and feel a surge of strength.

And are some more aspects. It is known that over time the honey crystallizes. Crystallization - an indicator of its quality. The honey is heated to a temperature above 37

It has long been its high biological activity attracted the attention of man jelly. The ancient Incas used this product for the health and healing of the sick body. The biological action of royal jelly and its quality depends mainly on external factors, including the method of production, harvesting, processing and canning.

Under optimal conditions, and qualifications of beekeepers from the same family during the active season, you can get up to 100 g of royal jelly
As a result of long-stay raw royal jelly outside the hive, it loses the natural biological properties
To preserve the natural biological activity of royal jelly is most expedient to preserve the method of adsorption
Royal Jelly adsorb immediately after removal from the bowls
The process of extraction and adsorption should not last more than 1,5 hours
This is the length of time during which the royal jelly retains its biological activity
Beekeepers canned jelly in honey at a ratio of 1:100, 1:200
Store it in a freezer refrigerator in containers with tight lid
Adsorbed Milk is a biological stimulant, possessing tonic and antispasticheskim properties, it increases the appetite, reduces sluggishness and improve the tone of tissues, normalizes blood pressure during hypotension and hypertension, menopause, lactation and stimulates hematopoiesis in the postpartum period
Can be used in the treatment of such mixtures: royal jelly with propolis and honey, royal jelly with honey and pollen, royal jelly with honey
They are mixed in different proportions depending on the disease
More information about the preparation of the above formula, the rules of their admission, doses, and the proportions, I tell you in the next issues of "Grandma"

Royal jelly and its solutions inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, tuberculocidal, salmonella, anthrax, etc.). However, the antimicrobial effect depends on the concentration. Established antiviral activity of milk, in particular, its devastating effect on the influenza virus. Royal jelly has beneficial effects on metabolism, stimulates the central nervous system, tissue respiration, increases efficiency and reduces fatigue, normalizes blood pressure as a gipotonikov and hypertensive patients, improves red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. It also lowers blood cholesterol, so the jelly recommended in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

With a systematic use of royal jelly activates the formation of proteins in the human body, accelerates the healing of ulcers and wounds. Research found that the nature of its action depends primarily on the dosage. It is absolutely harmless and can alleviate the suffering of the patient.

Royal jelly has no toxicity. Systematic its reception improves metabolism, has a tonic and a controlling effect, increases the contractile force of cardiac muscle, dilates coronary vessels, has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in primary forms of cancer. The comprehensive treatment of royal jelly successfully treat peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, it enhances mental and physical performance, treating psoriasis, hypertension and hypotension, climacteric manifestations, headache, neuritis, sciatica, endarteritis, prostate disease, low back pain, hepatitis , psoriasis.

Turn your face to nature, and you'll find everything in her pantry, and if you learn how to do a mixture of bee products and herbs (and that I can help you), then all natural pharmacy is at your fingertips.

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