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I continue to talk about the treatment of bee products. Today it comes to drone jelly ...

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I continue to talk about the treatment of bee products. Today it comes to drone jelly. Drone jelly, jelly larval, larval homogenate - that's how many names has this valuable product. Many beekeepers are not aware of the benefits of drone milk, throw it, cutting out the frame with drones. Some milk fed to chickens, from which they grow better and less sick. Recent scientific developments have proven the benefit drone homogenate for the human body. That's what I tell you below.

I'll start with an interesting, in my view, the history, which mature in experience, she heard from beekeepers. This incident occurred in a terrible period - the years of famine. One family was at that time to keep a small apiary. So she helped them to survive. The head of the family put his hives in a warm house and the bees began to show in the warmth of offspring. When the larvae reach maturity breast, my father began to feed them their family, because there was nothing more to eat. This family has survived by shifting time of famine.

The larvae of the drone is a valuable, biologically active product, since in addition to protein, the contents of which are equal to meat and mushrooms, milk drones contains a rich set of nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, etc. For example, vitamin D homogenate surpasses even fish oil.

Larval jelly has powerful health-improving and rejuvenating effect. It can take everything. Some pharmaceutical companies have established production of drugs based on larval jelly. This is a very strong drug, saturated with hormones and vitamins that are not gormonozamenitelyami, effective in the treatment of endocrine system and hormonal background.

Trutnev homogenate long appreciated in many countries. He revered in Japan, China and Romania. Now, thanks to the development of our scientists, and we are able to use this unique product. There are different forms and names: "Milk drone", "Animin B", "Animin A", etc. In spring and summer you can order fresh food from beekeepers. It has the form of cream, can be mixed with pollen, the color - gray or yellowish, with a special flavor.

Drone jelly is 50% of the same components as the royal, but the remaining 50% of substances have very unique properties and give the finished product a unique quality. Natural drone jelly can do different mixes and balms, ointments, mixing with honey, pollen, propolis and so and use in various diseases. The first product is useful for proper metabolism and nutrition of tissues and organs. Reduces high blood pressure due to the regulation of vascular tone and level of blood circulation and reduces blood cholesterol.

Regular use of the product can prevent and cure prostatitis, adenoma, lipoma, mastopathy, fibroma. When treating the above diseases are well combined reception larval jelly with bee bread (pollen, obnozhka-ambrosia). In the course requires 2-3 packages bee bread and 1 package of larval molochka.Pcheliny bread to take 3 times a day, and larval jelly - 1 times a day. The course of treatment - 4-5 months. Lipoma dissolve much faster.

Milk drone successfully used in combination with herbal medicine. Ointment-based drone homogenate is very well proven in the treatment of venous ulcers, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis. Along with the application of the ointment should be taken drone jelly and inside, that is, to influence the pathology of both sides. Subject to the proper treatment in about a week and delayed wound healing.

Use the skill the gifts of nature and be healthy!

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