Clay - my salvation - always at hand

Store the clay in any container other than a metal dial with your hands or a wooden spatula. Greta clay can not, but the vessel with her frequently to keep the sun ...

Hello, "Grandma!

About glinolechenii the newspaper to write a lot. His letter also want to dedicate this topic.

The color of clay and the area where you collected it, as a rule, are not essential, as clay is always effective. But it is preferable to use the clay from his native area or locality of residence. How to make clay, "grandmother" is already written. But remember, metal instruments can not be used. Store the clay in any container other than metal, stir and dial with your hands or a wooden spatula, spoon. Greta clay can not, but the vessel with her frequently to keep the sun, the fresh air, in the light - that it broke solar magnetism. If you dug the clay, it should dry out, then chop it and stand in the sun to energize it. You can then use the clay for treatment. Now, specifically about how I helped clay.

There's grandson was increased thyroid to 3 degrees. Put on compresses the whole neck 2-3 times a day. After 2 months he was removed from the register by an endocrinologist, but still noticeably decreased the lymph nodes.

In purulent otitis cakes of clay put on the ears and neck, cured for 10 days.

At the turn of the hand (radius), when the plaster was removed, instead of massage put clay.

Baby in 3.5 months to lower the temperature (cut his teeth), arms and legs wrapped in bandages soaked in clay mortar. Then wrap the diapers. Of course, baby clay must grow in warm water.

Self cure gout, knees and even erysipelas on the leg.

When colds drink lemon and clay water.

To compress better to take linen, cotton or woolen cloth under it to put baby oilcloth, top clay cover a wide gauze, so it will be easier to remove it. Compress is always warm. Hold him up to 2 hours after removal of all tissues and wash ashore. The clay is washed, ie I put a cake in a plastic basin with water, after 1-2 minutes the water poured off, I repeat once again. Then I put a cake in the pan with the clay, where my clay filled with a little water.

That's how I always have on hand and the clay and auxiliary material - cloth, oilcloth. Frankly, before burying itself of oily clay, and after soaking it checked once the nut and found that after water clay again has healing powers. Otherwise, where would I have gained so much clay, if established de threw?

We wish you all the patience and success in treatment.