If ill, do not bother - find a cause, and then treated for

Encephalopathy, neuropathy with lower paraparesis treated with blue clay. Of the 100 g of dry clay made cakes ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

Most of the readers sent in tips and recipes contain means precisely the areas where they live their authors. Therefore, dear friends, did not chase for foreign agents. Many of them, of course, very effective, but we need to see a specialist has determined are suitable to you or not. If you are sick, do not bother, calmly analyze the situation. Try to find the cause of the disease, and then you start to care. How often refer to God in prayer, go to church, take communion and drink the holy water. Vera also heals.

And now, some tips.

Encephalopathy, neuropathy with lower paraparesis try to treat the blue clay. Of the 100 g of dry clay and made cakes, put it in a plastic bag and put it on the head from the crown to the neck. Cake should be soft so as not crushed. Also, lubricate the legs infusion of hot peppers on kerosene (half a jar of freshly ground pepper to fill a half cans of kerosene and insist month). Develop joint and massage the muscles. And so to recover.

A cyst is also treated compress of blue clay. You can use a chicken egg. Check on the ultrasound, and let the doctor will draw on your body or a marker pen circle that defines the location of cyst. In the evening after sunset, put on this site fresh, no more than three days as laid on, hen's egg. Chickens and there should be healthy and been fed grain. If the egg today - to keep his 45 minutes yesterday - 40 minutes, the day before yesterday - 35 minutes. More often spend the big ultrasound to see how the treatment.

Also treated and sinusitis. Only the egg must be placed on the nose closer to the eyebrows. Used to eat eggs can not, it is deadly dangerous. They should be discarded.

Nodular goiter can be treated as above - put the hole over the thyroid gland before going to bed at 45-30 minute egg. This is the most affordable and easy way. You can make application of blue clay at any time of day. Clay should be at room temperature.

Puffy abdominal lymph nodes may absorb purified kerosene. In the morning on an empty stomach drink 1 tablespoon kerosene, bridou piece of bread. Soon the swelling go away. You can set application of blue clay. And so before complete recovery.

Being treated, but do not overdo it. God be with you.

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