Green tea - a drink of the atomic age

Green tea was found up to 130 components of various substances. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, carotene. Contains amino acids, carbohydrates, pectin, essential oils ...

After the explosion of atomic bombs the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were settled throughout Japan. Most people settled in Udzhi - an area of tea production. They drank a lot of green tea and not only survived, but began to feel much better. The first band of Japanese newspapers blossomed with major headings: "Tea saves from radiation.

Professor, Kyoto University Tendzhi Ugay concluded: Green Tea - an effective antidote for poisoning with strontium-90, the most destructive isotope, which, falling into the organism to cause leukemia or other cancers and destroys it.

The scientists, biochemists studying catechins extracted from green tea and found that they are substances with a pronounced feature of vitamin F, which removes the permeability of biological membranes of capillary walls, preventing the fragility of vessels, particularly dangerous in older people. Vitamin P has the property intensify the activity of vitamin C, so the simultaneous application of them gives a great effect.
Content in green leaf tea, vitamin P in no competitors in the realm of flora. A vitamin C in it 4 times more than in oranges and lemons.

And all in green tea was found up to 130 components of the various substances. It is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, carotene - pro-vitamin A. It contains amino acids, carbohydrates, pectin, essential oils, macro-and micronutrients such as magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, iodine, copper, fluorine, so necessary for preservation of teeth, and ... gold.

In recent decades, Japanese scientists intensively study the beneficial properties of green tea, setting its anti-cancer property.

Drink green tea significantly accelerates the decomposition of blood cholesterol and fats that lead to atherosclerosis and heart disease. The diuretic effect of tea is not only used for the purification of blood, but also in cardiac edema.

Regular consumption of green tea supports the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents obesity, liver, hampering the overall aging.

It is worth recalling that in the good old days we had tea is popular not only as a drink, but also as a medicine: it alleviates inflammation in rheumatic disease and chronic hepatitis, acts as a prophylactic against formation of stones in the urinary bladder, kidney and liver from hemorrhage in the brain and myocardial infarction.

If hypotension - drink green tea with honey (washing it down with honey). When hypertension - green tea with milk, eat honey.

If you have a stressful workload, mental work, late go to bed - drink up to 19 hours no strong green tea with balm, mint. At night, Eat 1 tablespoon honey. In the morning - tea without sugar, honey, a bit of sugar.

Warm tea high tea leaves with lemon, black pepper and honey - a diuretic and diaphoretic in colds, diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs.

Strong cold infusion of the mixture of green and black tea with a small amount of dry wine (1 teaspoon per 1 cup) - a good tool for flushing the eyes with the inflammation of eyelid (conjunctivitis), littering.

When anemia drink tea with milk.

Juices of fresh leaf or powder dry tea helps with burns.

When nausea in pregnant women, as well as motion sickness and seasickness good chew dry green tea.

A strong infusion of green tea can be used in the treatment of external ulcers.

Continuous consumption of green tea promotes healing of gastric ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Very strong and sweet tea with milk - an antidote for poisoning.

Green tea cleans the blood from the slags, toxins, poisons, taking them out of the body through the kidneys, skin, promotes the accumulation of vitamin C in the kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, spleen.

A strong infusion of green tea - the first remedy for gastrointestinal-related infection disorders.

Tea kills germs of dysentery, typhoid, putrefaction bacteria in bacteriosis and other diseases.

To lose weight 2 times a day to drink tea without sugar.

It is noted that the students of Central Asia no less than their counterparts from Ukraine, like sweets. But first do not know what a toothache, and much less likely to suffer tooth decay. And the reason is that traditionally a popular drink green tea, which they regularly use, very rich in fluoride, which strengthen the enamel.
You want to protect their children's teeth from cavities? Have them brush their teeth guschey green tea. Antibacterial properties and contained in tea fluoride explain its advantages over many proprietary pastes.

The inhabitants of tropical countries never drink tea with sugar. A Kalmyks and Altai not only ignore the sugar, but add some salt and tea drink, adding to it pounded roasted barley.

Since the heat reduces the work of the digestive tract, in this case the peoples of Central Asia, there is a very rational custom - before eating drinking a few sips of freshly brewed green tea. After the meal, especially with fatty foods, again a few sips of green tea - it helps digestion eaten.

1. Kettle boiled water to rinse.

2. Cover up the required amount of tea, pour cool (fresh) from boiling spring water (preferably) first 2 / 3 of the teapot, replace the lid. Top threw a napkin - for savings of aromatic substances. Wrap up the kettle does not make sense, because when the tea moritsya, he loses at the same taste and saturated with harmful alkaloids. For the same reason, can not make tea twice. Time infusion of green tea 5-8 minutes. If you insist to 3 minutes, followed by caffeine in the brew does not have time to stand tannin, which should bind caffeine and do not let him run amok, that is dramatically manifest themselves. Tanya's ability to digest tissues of vitamin C.

Found that the storage of tea drink with brew-guschey more than 5 hours gives the drink carcinogenic properties, which may have led to the appearance of tumor formation.

With enthusiasm for strong tea may be constipation. Wheat flakes, roasted barley, a cage with honey in the tea drinks get rid of constipation.

Those who are fond of television, often and long should you drink green tea, because it neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation screen. China green tea effectively used in the treatment of radiation sickness, as well as to prevent it.

Truly God's gift is one more property of green tea: it contains substances contribute to the removal from the body of harmful heavy metals: zinc, cadmium, mercury, lead ...

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