How to beet me and the children rescued

Forty-three years ago I was discharged from the hospital with the child. Steel-in-law to bathe him, and navel bleeds ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

In my life there were several cases when the red beet saved my children (three of them), and me from many troubles.

Forty-three years ago I was discharged from the hospital with the child. Steel-in-law to bathe him, and navel bleeding. Bathed, and then in-law, saying nothing, rubbed on a fine grater fresh red beets, put it in a sterile bandage, sealing the top paper and tied it all a child at night to the navel. So did after swimming 3 days, and navel healed.

When I asked how she knew such a recipe, in-law said that they had in the village Korobchyne Kirovograd region from generation to generation the recipe of healing the navel in newborn infants with red beets.

Many years later I again helped the miraculous power of red beet.
In the late 90-ies on the hard frost of Debalcevo I drove all night in the unheated train. In the morning she came home, and to warm her back to the hot stove. The next day she felt pain in his back. It turned out that my little hanging papilloma on the back was swollen and turned purple in the "walnut". Immediately wanted to go to an oncologist, but I was afraid that they will propose the deletion. I remembered a recipe-in-law - in the evening rubbed grated fresh beetroot and at night made the poultice. In the morning looked - "walnut" dropped by half. For two nights, everything returned to normal.

Approximately in 1996-1997. I got sick, but with a week to the doctors is not addressed. At this time I had a relentless desire for consumption of red beet. I ate it in the form poluotvarennom several times a day. Cooking, cutting pieces and eat. And so about a week, but then still called the doctor. I have appointed the hot shots - two injections were made in the clinic, and on Saturday and Sunday were ordered to go for a shot in the ambulance. On Saturday, come, lad, getting ready to do me a shot, he asked: "Have you ever done hot shots?" - "No, never!" - "When you introduce a needle into the vein and it becomes hot, so get there a medicine, but if not hot - then past. He did great shot. On Sunday, conducted injection elderly nurse. When she told me it did, I did not feel that was warm, as soon as she said. To which she responded that it would then hot. And so three times per day.

On Monday gathered in the clinic, while the right hand something aching. When the clinic undressed, two nurses were horrified - the hand to the elbow was all black, but when took off her blouse, then under his arm was black. The nurses told me that the drug entered a vein, and that can no longer hold all the skin. But, they say, you have some reason this has not happened. God willing, the hand will continue and will not happen.

As a result, I had a degeneration of the soft tissues of the hand, but due to the prolonged consumption of red beet in early disease and in the end, my hand function restored.

Red beet is rich in calcium, in addition, it contains organic sodium is necessary for the establishment of a perfect mineral balance in the body. Beetroot consists of fiber, vitamins and organics. That's how she saved me!

The neighbor was operated by lifting veins. After the surgery about a year would not heal the fistula. I spoke with his wife, and advised me to put a red beets. All quickly healed.

Of course, one should get a bandage sterile, grater - sterilize hands - wipe with alcohol, apply all rules of sterilization.

Constipation. Beets, apple crush on a fine grater, then add green onions, sunflower oil. It's delicious and good!

Long live the beetroot!

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