And kavbuz, and pumpkins decorate your fruit garden

Use dishes with pumpkin - a great way to provide the body the necessary macro-and micronutrients, vitamins ...

Hello, "Grandma!

In my opinion, a newspaper called the People for nothing. It is there that thousands of people find answers to many of their concerns about their health or their relatives. The newspaper appears unique, long gone from us recipes and health system that gives a person the right to choose or at least hope.

Environmental degradation leads to the fact that the body needs nutrients, antioxidant effect which can rid the body of chemical slag accumulate in it due to contact with the external environment.

Recently, extensive use is widespread uncontrolled use of antibiotics, which, in turn, can lead to intestinal dysbiosis, and as a consequence, - metabolic disorders.

Intensive level of life, when nutritional standards are sandwiches, pizzas, half-finished (with preservatives), the predominance of children in the diet of chips and other snacks, leads to the fact that the organism is an imbalance between food consumed and the needs of the organism in the micro and macro.

Where is the exit? Often we look for it in the expensive mineral and vitamin supplements, forgetting that each person has individual needs in a particular vitamin, but in the annotations to the above drugs are usually given general recommendations. Sometimes we forget that hypervitaminosis just not safe for the organism, as beriberi. Also important and also the fact that for the assimilation of chemical compounds comprising different additives need to be clearly the work of a complex chain of splitting and assimilate them to the state of digestibility in different parts of the digestive tract.

Years of experience working with patients, medical education and education on traditional medicine, I think it helped me find the answer to all these questions.

Introduction to the diet of plant foods reduces the development of beriberi and many chronic diseases. Perhaps many will deal with the irony of these words. To this I can say that the disease we may not appear for the day and not two days. They were preceded by irregular and poor nutrition, bad habits, metabolism, and more.

In my arsenal worthy of a place is a pumpkin. Yes, yes, pumpkin plants in its diversity: canteen gourd, pumpkin, melon, kavbuz, spiral pumpkin. They are able to satisfy our menu of various dishes, in any form: salads, soups, porridge, pancakes, pies, desserts. The chemical composition of pumpkin variety. Fruits contain sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose), organic acids (carotene, ascorbic, folic, nicotinic), vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, a significant portion of minerals - potassium, iron, copper, fluorine, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and and digestible protein, fiber. The seeds of a special technology extract oil, has unique healing properties, rich in biologically active substances and containing the above set of minerals.

Use dishes with pumpkin - a great way to provide the body the necessary macro-and micronutrients, vitamins.

In chronic constipation, heart disease, which are accompanied by swelling, with chronic enterocolitis in remission eat pumpkin pulp to 0,5 kg per day, heat-treated - up to 1,5 kg per day. Outwardly the pulp is used for burns of 1 degree, in the treatment of eczema and other inflammatory skin.

Oil from the seeds of pumpkin enhances the digestive tract. It is recommended for acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, prostatitis as Anthelminthics. The chemical composition is saturated with vitamin complex, recommending in ocular diseases (such as external and internal use).

I would particularly like to acknowledge the plant, created by Ukrainian scientists, which is still not well known to readers - it kavbuz. Established on the basis of watermelon and pumpkin, it incorporates the healing properties, the color of flesh from the pumpkin flesh and juicy, fragrant and sweet from the watermelon. The thickness of the flesh - 10 cm and more. On the color of yellow fruit, their weight varies from 20 kg to 60 kg or more. The main advantage kavbuza is its ruggedness, the ability to withdraw from the human body radionuclides and heavy metals, to normalize the metabolism in the digestive tract.

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