Do not ruin vain green meadows. Click to health earthen cover!

Dear grandmother! Do not be lazy with the onset of spring, summer, autumn - the grass roots. Procure them for future use. Herbs - this is our health!

Nature has a cure for all diseases with us, and walking anywhere is not necessary - just lean down and tear this priceless gift. Need only look closely - that grows next to our house? Glances at his feet and see - we stand on the knotweed, and beside him a plantain, it should always be with us wherever we were not coming. It is pleasant to walk barefoot on the carpet of delicate daisies smelling, inhaling its pleasant aroma. Under the apple tree near the porch cobweb oplela land woodlouse. Protecting the border area, has released thousands of invisible stings nettle. And the hedge garden settled down yarrow, chicory, mugwort. From this set of plants can be collected during the summer a good first aid kit from many diseases.

Nettle can be tasted in the spring soup, salad. And how do you think have Caucasians "Caucasian longevity? From krapivushki. Her they eat all year round. Even the balls from the nettle manage to make, delicious - Yum. Highlanders nettle salt (50 g of salt per 1 kg of young leaves), dried, and in winter, rubbed to powder, it can be added to any dish. So eat nettles on health or drink syrup, made on the honey of its juice, and you forget about anemia, avitaminosis. Patients with diabetes will decrease blood sugar. Nettles quickly heals wounds, ulcers, soothes cough, strengthens hair, gums, the palatine tonsils, soothes fever, headache. But you know all measure! Do not eat nettles expectant mothers and people with hypercoagulability.

If you are worried about the salt metabolism in the body, then use knotweed (bird mountaineer). He'll come in handy when gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12-tiperstnoy ulcer, pulmonary tuberculosis, with whooping cough, rheumatism, gout, with children diathesis.

Gastric ulcer during the summer you can get rid with plantain - Eat on an empty stomach every day 10-15 leaves, and you forget about their disease. The infusion of plantain drink at an inflammation of the respiratory system, gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice, pancreatitis, atherosclerosis, at the initial stage of hypertension. Decoction of leaves of plantain should be mixed with propolis (2 tbsp psyllium and 3 g propolis) in 500 ml of boiling water, to insist night - is effective in rinsing the mouth and throat.

Matricaria discoidea used mainly externally in those cases that her cousin, camomile. The infusion of either excellent acts with a cold, sweating feet (baths), and seborrheic dermatitis (lotion) for gout and rheumatism (baths), with wounds and ulcers (lavage), in diseases of the oral mucosa, gums, throat (gargle, inhalation), and trichomonas coleitis (douching). And the smell of chamomile can soothe well, so in the villages which putting her in a linen bag for a pillow.

Achillea (yarrow) is valuable primarily for its krovoochistitelnymi, wound-healing properties. The broth and juice, herbs stop nosebleeds, apply to the hair loss. Juice with honey improves metabolism, helps with general weakness, liver diseases (1 tablespoon to 1 cup of boiling water). Infusion of herbs used for gastritis, if diathesis. When stomatitis, and inflammation of gums should rinse your mouth infusion. In lactating mothers increases the Department yarrow milk.

Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort or) most often used as an appetizing - improves digestion, and tufts of grass hung at the entrance to the house - for protection against evil and wicked people. Smoke from the burning of dry grass must breathe with asthma.

Chicory (Петрів батіг) - its grass used for baths diathesis, of osteochondrosis. Tea from the tops of any stops diarrhea, even bloody. From the roots of chicory are preparing bitter coffee. The roots are digging in the autumn, well washed, cleaned, dried and ground in a coffee grinder, powder lightly roasted.

About motherwort know everything. This plant is effective for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, insomnia. And appreciate its ability to quickly remove the gastro-intestinal spasms.

Starry or louse, which grows in the gardens as a weed, can be added to salads. Of lice easily distinguished juice, used in diseases of the heart, kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Take 1 tsp juice 4 times daily before meals. Infusion of herbs, including dry, drink for arthritis, gout, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, goiter. And the outer is used for bathing and washing of the feet, skin diseases. Juice is very useful to all.

Dear grandmother! Do not be lazy with the onset of spring, summer, autumn - the grass roots. Procure them any good, they are available to us and valuable. Keep them in canvas bags, sign, not to confuse. Herbs - this is our health! Only need to treat them carefully. Trim them with a knife, picking flowers, roots, but not overdo it, know all measure, advice from herbalists and physicians.

Wishing you good health to all.

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