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I want to share with readers a recipe for a wonderful healing ointment, which saved is not one hundred people

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to share with readers a recipe for a wonderful healing ointment, which saved is not one hundred men.

So, in an enamel bowl pour 1 cup of vegetable oil, throw in the butter a piece of wax the size of a matchbox and put the dishes on a small fire to melt wax
From the pre-hardboiled egg yolk remove, cut away half and crush with a fork on a saucer
Then crushed zheltok take your fingers and slowly drop into the bowl with boiling in oil wax
Add gradually, but at that moment when the chamber will hear boiling mixture! With the first bits of egg yolk content starts foaming
Keep waiting in the wings in the hands of a rag
If the wax is yellow (which means the best!), The entire contents of the bowl may be in one second to go "overboard"
Catch a bowl with a cloth, remove from the heat for some time, let perebushuet aside, and you at this time, continue stirring the mixture
And so three times
All - ointment ready! It remains only to filter it
I do it through a nylon tulle, folded in half
Wax capricious, and gauze does not help here, and tulle, even with repeated application of the remains, as new
In glass bottle ointment stored in the refrigerator for up to ten months

And now that it applies.

Well this is a miracle remedy cures sinusitis. Melted in a spoonful and then typed in the pipette ointment bury his nose in the most terrible antritis. Do not be afraid. While you run so far to the bed to lie down and spoil ointment in the spoon to cool down a bit and not be hot. On the contrary, it can immediately and freeze until you select a comfortable position for you. In this case, start heating the ointment again. Suffice it to drip grease your nose once or twice with an interval between instillation of one hour, and you can even get rid of the monthly sinusitis. Ointment punches maxillary sinus and pulls itself pus with tremendous force!

Purulent otitis also not stand in front of this tool. In a twisted flagellum vatku should dial ointment and paste it into your ear. Change as needed, while lubricating ointment for the ear. There were cases where this way from the ear successfully followed up cups of pus. The inflammation subsides, and you leave the doctors out of work. But do not try to catch a cold!

When purulent tonsillitis must be taken directly ointment finger and lubricated it inflamed throat. If you start to do this at night, every hour of repeating the procedure, then the morning eruption would break through. Spit the pus and rinse your mouth. By lunchtime, you forget about angina.

Bronchitis, pain in the stomach, intestines, pus in the kidneys, bladder, all abscesses and boils on his body, barley, and gastric ulcer is also treated with ointment. However, an ulcer does not heal, but the pain relieve. Thus, for all these diseases ointment should take 1 / 3 tsp 3 times daily before meals. Excessive use can not, otherwise you will not get off the toilet! Fits this medication and those who suffer from constipation.

Very good ointment in the treatment of female diseases. It cures fibroma (up to ten weeks), ovarian cysts, reduces inflammation of a woman, it helps with mastopathy and mastitis (breast salve every two hours). And no amount of massage is not needed. Just wear something old, wrap your finger on a clean white cotton cloth, dip it in a jar of ointment, and enter as deeply as possible into the vagina. And so every day. During the week of cysts and inflammation only memories remain, but with fibroma have trouble any longer.

Now, the recommendations for the treatment of venous ulcers with ointment
They have to work for a long time
Look at his blue-and-maroon-purple leg and spend on this "rainbow" nail
Saw a yellow mark? This means that there, in the middle, there is so much pus as you yourself can not even imagine! This means that many years you gave to thrive on the leg ulcer
Now we have to deal with it, and have plenty of time, slowly - inch by inch - from cleaners leg ulcers
To do this on a clean napkin, apply some ointment (ointment is effective, so the pieces of its cast is not necessary) and attach to the ulcer
Walk with this bandage, his pain, as much as possible
So you massiruete leg, giving a great outflow of pus, cleaned every "dirty" cell on injured foot
Of the wounds will trickle tape pus, and you will see firsthand how your foot thanks to the efforts of madmen, without cost to all kinds of inactive drugs, gradually begins to turn white
And she begins to acquire the same form which had seventeen

Every person on this cleanup is their own, individual time
On one occasion, when I was invited to the old man, whose calf has virtually no
Forties ulcers on two legs "eaten" his grandfather to no
Standing increased to 38In general, my hair stood on end stood! But since I did not show (and had a terrible bindings happen!) And advised grandfather here this ointment in my heart believing more in his death than in convalescence
Exactly one year later came to see me cousin's grandfather and said that the old man's all healed
Dead a hundred years old running around like a young man, and gives me the greatest of thanks
I was shocked! By the way, the grandfather of the veins on the legs are not operated, but the woman who had undergone surgery and having the plague with iron ruble, because this grease has ensured that her leg was elegant and blonde, but, unfortunately, for nearly ten years she has does not heal the wound the size of a penny
And the reason for it - Operating Threads
Together with pus stretch, no longer needed, and they
The last time a woman pulled out a thread length of forty centimeters
All this I wrote to the sick keep your pecker up
Months of hard work - and you'll see how fast moving life-saving treatment
And never forget that the road by walking! If possible, change the ointment every 2 hours

Gangrene can be treated with ointment as well as sores. Try as much as possible to move the sick organ, thus providing a better flow of pus.

Burns, boils, wounds, swelling, toothache, joint pain of knee treated with ointment. Apply it at night to the affected area, wrapping and winding the it, clean finger stuff ointment in the tooth and gum to lubricate it, and you'll see how sore will start to recede. But do not hurry. Allow time for recovery!

I had a case of healing salve for breast cancer. The woman was unable to see much from me, and therefore was treated at home with ointment itself, although I have repeatedly advised her to seek medical attention. But she and listen to this would not ... As a result, a small lump at the bottom of the breast tumor has become a clumsy touch goose egg. And with the fourth power of cancer (it is already two feet in the next world), with the tumor had fallen woman gets to the oncologic dispensary, and she immediately removed her breast. However, she feels ... magnificently, running from window to window in anticipation of relatives. When they appear instantly leaves the hospital and for many miles is leaving home, he spit on any chemistry ... The doctors were shocked. No one ever her at the hospital had not seen. For over ten years of live and healthy can be seen only on their own garden. Conclusion: ointment pulls itself even this purulent horror, and together with the roots. And this, as you know, the main thing.

Any rural woman knows what can cause mastitis udder. If that happens with your Burenkov, have 2-3 times per night sdaivat it and spare no ointments, grease it all the udder, especially closely inflicting ointment on the sore milking. There is nothing to wrap or massage. Just clamp the animal clean straw, and continue quietly sdaivat milking, while out of it will come "cheese". Do not wash away, but only wipe with a soft cloth. The next day, your nurse will run, with his tail!

Heal with faith in God and do everything so that you have this joy to my heart.

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