Vienna came back to normal, the pain of the joints left - improving ointment Seymovoy brought

I want to thank Valentina Seymovuyu for her ointment and tell us how this miracle-tool has helped me

Hello, "Grandma!

First, I want to thank Valentina Seymovuyu for her ointment and tell us how this miracle tool helped me.

One time I was worried about varicose veins. Doctors suggested surgery, but I refused. And 5 years ago my feet were swollen and hurt so that I could not cross the threshold to cross. Seek medical help. He examined me and appointed a course of treatment with injections and pills. Treat, but no improvement was, and besides from receiving a large number of tablets began to get very sick stomach.

And then she heard a radio advertisement drug "Wobenzym. I bought 2 packages in the pharmacy and began taking it, according to the instructions. When finished the second drink packaging, I realized that this does not help me, albeit a few months later the tumor had slept little and I began to feel better. Thus, within two years she drank 2 more packages "Wobenzym, but still in the knee joints felt piercing pain, but the veins on the legs became hard and incredibly baked.

And then I read in "Grandma" on the ointment Valentina Seymovoy, responses from readers of this ointment, and decided to cook it myself. I have done and, since September last year, every morning, not missing a single day, was to rub this ointment veins and knees, massaging them. After grinding, wrapped his legs from the feet to the knees with elastic bandage. So I go all day. At night, take off the bandage, my feet in warm water (you can add water sea salt), and all night they were resting.

Six months of hard treatment yielded the results: articular pain does not bother me (this state was only a child!), And the veins came back to normal (although there is still some blue, but I hope that soon it will come down).

It would seem that there are components in this ointment - a glass of oil, beeswax, egg yolk, but the strength of her truly unprecedented! Once again, many thanks to B. Seymovoy for this miracle recipe. I advise anyone with similar problems with their feet, as I had had this treat with ointment.

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