Ointment Seymovoy: cases of healing

His story would like to dedicate ointment Valentina Seymovoy, to describe cases where it has helped me and my friends. This is an amazing tool!

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

To buy newspapers from the first days of its foundation, but now 2 years I subscribe to "Grandma" and a special issue of the newspaper, which comes out 1 time per month. Each edition is waiting impatiently. Being treated herself to readers' recipes and know many people who cured folk methods offered by the "grandmother".

Some believe that if recovered, it can not brag, because the disease will return. That's why they do not write in the newspaper about the result of his treatment, do not share their experiences. But it often happens that medications purchased at pharmacies, not help, and therefore must resort to traditional medicine.

His story would like to dedicate

At work (I always wear a cream with a) a stray dog bites per employee over the tendon behind the heel. She came to me, dragging his leg. He says that the leg was swollen and very sore. I dealt ointment Seymovoy on cotton wool (in practice, I know that it is well relieves pain), attach it to the site of the bite and shook a rag. The employee went to his post (a guard). The next morning she calls me:

- You know, an hour later I wound ceased to ache, and in the morning and the swelling was all gone. Dictate it, please, I composition, and I myself will make an ointment.

So she wound lasted only 4 days.

Another case. Kota hen pecked in the eye. It had swollen up and got out as a fish-ray telescope, however, does not rot. A week later, was in place, but the cornea is darkened. Côte very mewed and tried to tear the eye with his paw, and once smeared with ointment, calm. Within a week all had healed.

My husband picked up "bunnies" from welding. Smeared his eyes with ointment, and the pain disappeared.

Neighbor of 70 years. Her leg "face". Long treatment at the pasterns, and getting completely to the point that hit the oncologic dispensary: her legs were swollen and blackened, she could no longer walk. I suggested that she receive medical treatment ointment Seymovoy. She laughed at me and said:

- Also my "grandma" was found. If the "onco" not cured, that is where there your ointment out of your newspaper "Grandma" brothers!

But over time, came to her older neighbor and told her, with what success it familiar to cure this ointment trophic ulcer with an open wound.

A neighbor called me and we oiled her feet with ointment. Wrapped with a clean cloth from old bed sheets and top wrapped with cellophane. After 2 days her legs have stopped aching, and from each hole, which grows hair began to stand out strings of pus. The neighbor was surprised such an effect ointment and asked for her recipe. After a month of continuous attachment ointment swelling was all gone black of feet away, the neighbor began to walk independently. Now the beauty of her feet are the envy of every woman.

My grandfather caught flux under the tooth. Ointments all stretched out.

Thank you Valentina Seymovoy for her wonderful recipe. I think many will be interesting to see him once more in the pages of "Grandma".

I wish you all good health, and the newspaper - large quantities.

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