Thanks Valentina Seymovoy

Stripes covered legs. The pain was so, though they sypyat salt. Rags, who dabbed at his feet to absorb the liquid, no time to change

Hello, "Grandma!

First of all, sincerely wish to thank Valentina Seymovuyu for the recipe its

I became ill with dropsy of the heart: she could neither sleep nor stand, nor sit, nor lie down. To the doctors did not apply. Began to drink diuretic herb, and the liquid was a little out of me to leave. Because of the wounds covered his legs. The pain was so, though they sypyat salt. Rags, who dabbed at his feet to absorb the liquid, no time to change.

Once I came to visit friends. I put them slippers. After 15 minutes, they swelled with fluid and has consumed my soles. I could not it be, went to the fingers.

The children, seeing my anguish, was summoned to the house of the doctor's and surgeon. They appointed a course of treatment. Every day a nurse came and gave me injections into a vein in the armpit. Introduces the "Lasix" and "Digoxin". Soon the water came out of me.

In order that I could heal the wounds, they prescribed me a cream "Levomekol" and advised to wash them with hydrogen peroxide. But the cream baked so that the pain seemed to burst with head vessels, and the positive result did not come. Even the pus she could not pull it out.

A neighbor advised me to attach to the foot of clay. The pain subsided a bit, and I fell asleep. And when I woke up, I have already had 2 dropsy, fluid-filled, as the clay burned leg. In general, even added his grief. Then I began to apply to wounds "Christmas ointment" Valentina Seymovoy, top - a cabbage leaf, then bandage and grid. Soon all the pus out, but the wounds remain. And here I am in "Grandma" read the recipe Shulgina "... And soon, the wound healed. Lubricate the wound became green paint, as advised by this woman. The wound has to heal.

On the other leg problems was greater because there is about 1 cm body was covered with necrotic crust and the crust should be removed. I decided to wet it with warm water and baking soda, and then on a cabbage leaf applied ointment Seymovoy and applying to the wound. Crust slowly began to lag behind, and wound through the "Christmas ointment, purified from pus. Its green paint, I burned the recipe Shulgin.

Recently, her daughter visited the doctor, who immediately asked about my health, as she claimed that her legs I never recovered. The daughter said that I walk, my wounds had healed, that I am not cured of the ointment that the doctor prescribed, and made the recipe, subtracting the newspaper "Grandma".

Thank God! A Valentine Seymovoy and the reader Shulgin - many thanks!

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