Saved by a miracle ointment Valentina Seymovoy

Was ointment and my granddaughter - cured her from a cold. A nice cream and cellulite, it helps with toothache

Recently tortured arthritis and chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component. On the hands and feet were swollen joints, pain and shortness of breath, even she could not bend over. I thought - the end came. And then deducted in the "grandmother" recipe for miracle ointment Valentina Seymovoy. Here it is.

"The enamel dish with a glass of vegetable oil, threw a piece of wax the size of a match box and put on a small fire to melt the wax
From the pre-hardboiled egg yolk removed, take away half or crush with a fork on a plate and fingers gradually throw in a bowl with the melted wax boiling
(In the bowl on fire oil will boil, and you'll hear chamber
At this point, and throw the yolk! But not all at once, but gradually)
With the first bits of egg content starts foaming
Keep waiting in the wings in the hands of a rag
If the wax is yellow in color (and that means - the best for the ointment), the entire contents of the bowl may be in one second to go "overboard"
Catch a dish rag, remove from heat for some time, let perebushuet aside, all of which continue to stir
And so three times
All - ointment ready! It remains only to filter it through nylon tulle, folded in half
Wax capricious, and gauze are not suitable, and tulle, even with repeated application remains as a new
In glass containers ready ointment stored in the refrigerator for up to ten months "

First, I saved this from cow mastitis ointment. A couple of times and anointed, and milk are doing good. Then he decided to test the effect of the ointment on yourself. Became smeared her body is on a small spoon. As a result, without pills and injections away arthritic pain, bronchial cleansed, no longer a headache and heart. Such a feeling that the cream sucked up all the inflammation from the inside.

Was it my four granddaughter - cured her from a cold. A nice cream and cellulite (legs, body stroyneyut). It helps when a toothache. Impose a tooth with a cotton swab with ointment and a spoon to eat it - the pain quickly goes away, and the pus from a tooth out naryvchikom on the gums.

Many thanks to Valentina Seymovoy, and God forbid her health!

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