I ointment Seymovoy improved their additives - and it has become even more efficient

The ointment is very strong, to use on small areas

Here is her recipe. Vegetable oil (corn, sunflower or olive) - 200 g, beeswax - 40 g, egg yolk Hard Boiled - 1 pc. (Fresh eggs and homemade) - is the foundation.

I have added 1 tablespoon: trees, St. John's wort, a shepherd's bag, Portulaca, arvense, knotweed, elder flowers, acacia, lime, sweet clover, chestnut, 1 tsp fennel (seeds), coriander, fennel, anise, caraway, and of spices - 1 tsp thyme, ground ginger, all folded up in a pan enamel, poured over 1 liter of olive and sunflower oil was tormented by 5 o'clock on a water bath, cool, wrung out of grass, sieve and add 200 g of beeswax. When he was a small fire in the warm melted butter, added 50 grams of pine resin (resin), and only then, when dissolved (melted), turpentine, vbrasyvali of grains chafed krutosvarennye yolks (3-4 pcs.) Expected when the foaming stops, and then vbrasyvali. Then, when all the yolks were vbrosheny, put down, and when the ointment a little desisted, strain, and - on a jar. The ointment is very strong, to use on small areas, because When I first painted the more than necessary, I picked up the liver.

In people intoxicated (old and sick) can appear purulent acne, but it should only be pleased, because ointment pus drains out. Continuing to smear, and cured them. This wonderful cream is suitable for almost everything and the outside and inside. From the common cold - is to touch the little finger to the ointment, rub on 2 of his little finger and wipe your nose, how many are going to get, and face grease in the morning and evening. Tampons at night withdraw whites and pain as a woman, but if the mosquito bites, then take off the itch.

If the neck crunches or hurt his neck up with pillows, grate on the night and wrap woolen shawl or blanket
Feet with corns? - Grease, put a plastic bag and top socks - feet in the morning will be easy, and the skin will be like a baby: soft and flesh-colored
But of course this is not a panacea, t
much from the outside nor mazh, no ointments and poultices (local treatment) did not make a person healthy
And who is really interested in health, not just their own, but also children, grandchildren, and one must understand that we have got all our aches the way of life and the power which had hitherto
And to change their health, rather unwell, we need to decide whether we give our food and drink happiness and energy and we want to lie or sleep after eating? If the forces to do anything there, then we were poisoned
If after a meal (what?) We want to bring back the mountain and sing songs - so, we ate good food, if you tend to relax - to the detriment of food went
It all depends on food and lifestyle
Alcohol, sugar, meat, milk, animal fats, harmful to our health
I personally do not use them already 2,5 years and I feel fine, I work in the summer in the sun all day

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