Health will bring, peace ointment Valentina Seymovoy

This is a simple way to prepare really blessed. It is truly a panacea for many sufferers ...

Dear friends!

Three years have passed since that time as "Grandma" has published a recipe for an ointment, sent by the reader Valentina Seymovoy. Our readers have called it "Christmas ointment", apparently because the recipe was published on 1 January, at the beginning of the year and at Christmas. And the name most worthwhile. This is a simple way to prepare really blessed. Since that time it is truly a panacea for many sufferers.

An editorial in the mail has not dried up the flow of letters of thanks the author of the recipe and "Grandma" for publishing it. People who for years could not cope with this or that ailment, after applying ointment to report his miraculous healing. With such a letter, the editorial staff is happy with the convalescents. We are proud that this is and our help.

Today we have, for many requests, we repeat the recipe of its preparation.

Be all healthy and happy! Many of your summer!

Recipe for Christmas ointment
(Ointment Valentina Seymovoy)

So, do yourself a very sleek, ointment, which has already saved more than one hundred people. In an enamel dish pour a glass of vegetable oil, was thrown into the wax size of a match box and put on a small fire to melt the wax. From the pre-hardboiled egg yolk take out, take away half, crush with a fork on a plate and toss with your fingers slowly in a bowl with melted boiling wax. (In the bowl on the fire vegetable oil will boil, and you'll hear lumbago. At this point, and throw! But not all at once but gradually). With the first bits of the contents of the eggs will begin to foam. Keep waiting in the wings in the hands of a rag. If the wax is yellow in color, (and that means - the best for the ointment), the entire contents of the bowl may be in one second to go "overboard". Catch a dish rag, remove from the heat for some time, let perebushuet aside, all of which continue to stir. And so three times. All - ointment ready! It remains only to filter it. I do it through a nylon tulle, folded in half. Wax is capricious, and gauze are not helping. A tulle, even with repeated application remains like new. Everything. In glass containers such ointment stored in the refrigerator for up to ten months.