A few good words about the ointment Valentina Seymovoy

Ointment treats ovarian cysts, fibroma (up to ten weeks), reduces inflammation of the appendages, it helps with mastopathy and mastitis, cystitis

I want to say a few kind words about the ointment Valentina Seymovoy. It cures ovarian cysts, fibroma (up to ten weeks), reduces inflammation of the appendages, it helps with mastopathy and mastitis (salve chest every 2 hours). I cured this ointment cystitis. Went to bed, laid down in the vagina swab dipped in grease, and stayed there as 1,5 hours. Then replaced with fresh tampon. It was a year do not suffer from cystitis.

Sister with this ointment get rid of conjunctivitis: just smeared her place of inflammation. After 5 days of illness had disappeared. There were two operations on the paraproctitis, but the fistula did not want to pass. Then began every evening, apply to the place where oozed pus, ointment Seymovoy, changing as often as possible napkins. And so every day, not missing a single day, within two months. I also gained the ointment on his finger and more pushed into the rectum. All gone. So thank you very much for her Valentine miracle ointment! Here is the recipe of its preparation.

In an enamel bowl pour 1 cup of vegetable oil, throw in the butter a piece of wax the size of a matchbox and put the dishes on a small fire to melt wax
From the pre-hardboiled egg yolk remove, cut away half and crush with a fork on a saucer
Then crushed zheltok take your fingers and slowly drop into the bowl with boiling in oil wax
Add gradually, but at that moment when the chamber will hear boiling mixture! With the first bits of egg yolk content starts foaming
Keep waiting in the wings in the hands of a rag
If the wax is yellow (which means the best!), The entire contents of the bowl may be in one second to go "overboard"
Catch a bowl with a cloth, remove from the heat for some time, let perebushuet aside, and you at this time, continue stirring the mixture
And so three times
All - ointment ready! It remains only to filter it
I do it through a nylon tulle, folded in half
Wax capricious, and gauze does not help here, and tulle, even with repeated application of the remains, as new
In glass bottle ointment stored in the refrigerator for up to ten months

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