Cream Tei Fu - works wonders

Tei-Fu eliminates joint pain, bruises, bruises, helps with the stretching of tendons, headaches, colds, fever, fatigue, and a toothache ...

About anesthetic cream Tei-Fu has already written "Grandma", but I could never think that he is so effective. This cream creates miracles. It eliminates joint pain, bruises, bruises, helps with the sprain, headaches (rub whiskey and neck), colds (grease sides of the nose, a couple of drops drip into the boiling water and breathe), at elevated temperature (smear back, chest and soles feet), fatigue and toothache. By the way, I have a reliable few weeks in a row in the morning began to ache tooth. I just Tei-Fu and save - a bit cause it to gum, and the pain was held in 5-10 minutes.

My mother, who is now 80 years old, once dropped on the street and severely hurt his hand, got sprain. Immediately began to hurt her place lubricate every 4 hours Tei-Fu. On the second day of the tumor went down, took the pain gone stretching.

Usually, my whole family, a package Tei-Fu missing for a year and a half. We use them for any pain, cold. My daughter uses it, even with the monthly pain, rubbing in the lower abdomen a bit of cream. Pain is significantly reduced.

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