Ointment monastic prepare, compress and be healthy about it!

When purulent wounds, inflammations and varicose veins, viral infection ointment applied in the form of medical bandages. The effect of trauma musculoskeletal observed during the first two days of treatment ...

I would like to warn readers that they were more closely. Sometimes it seems that the recipes sent in "Granny" from it the same and rewritten, but with some modifications. This also applies to creams Seymovoy Valentine, the recipe which was published in the first issue of "Grandma" for 2002. Since then, began to appear different recipes for this ointment. Had already reached that this ointment was called "monastic". Yes, the ointment is very good. But ointment Valentina Seymovoy and monastic "completely different. And if you do not know the exact recipe, it is not misleading. That's why I propose the exact recipe for the monastery ointment.

Take the bacon, make sure the old and salty, good even yellowed. Find a pine log or board, as can tarry, and chop in a coffee grinder chaga (a birch mushroom). Prepare the wire, receptacle for the collection of melted lard, matches. Can now begin. Preferably somewhere in the open air, because the production is smoky.

Strengthen the pine stump or thick chips tilted and set fire to the lower part of it. Salo, hold on a wire over a fire. Melted fat will drip into the flames and logs, mixed with boiling sap, drain into the vessel. In this fat should pour 2-3 tsp chaga 100 g, mix thoroughly, cool and chill. Store in refrigerator. Shelf life 12 months.

Ointment shall be uniformly applied to the skin surface, and then bandaged from the linen. If you compress the surface tissue is superimposed wax paper and fixed gauze bandage. Ointment applied 1-2 times a day, morning and evening.

When purulent wounds, inflammations and varicose veins, viral infection, it is used as a therapeutic bandages. Effect with injuries musculoskeletal noted in the first two days of treatment and is manifested swelling and pain disappearance.

When thrombophlebitis best result is observed during the first 2-3 days, and the ointment applied 2-3 times a day, constantly wearing medical bandages. Experience with "monastic ointment" indicates that the recovery is accelerated several times. In parallel to massage the legs and torso.

Heal with God's help.

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