My grandmother had treated people "Velcro"

This simple tool helps in tumors and inflammatory tissues, fibromyoma, cysts, urethra, prostate adenoma ...

Treatment she was engaged for many years. Treated and cured a cyst on the ovary. A recipe was as follows: take 100 g of pine rosin (melt), add 20 g of beeswax, and when it melted, add the third component - 20 g of sunflower oil. All these components need to melt in an enamel pot on a water bath, to insist, stirring, until smooth. Then take a linen cloth the size of 10-15 cm, we put on warm therapeutic mud and apply to the body for 2-3 days.

Velcro (with fibromyoma, cysts in the uterus and ovaries) impose on the lower abdomen, pre sbriv hair. This structure helps to relieve these tumors, also very helpful when prostate adenoma in men. But those who have infectious prostatitis or urethritis, to parallel with the imposition of "Velcro" wash the urinary channel "silver water" to kill the infection by silver ions. Here's a simple but very effective recipe. If it helps, I'll be very glad.

This "Velcro" may be applied to any place where there is swelling and inflammation of the tissues. Prepared solution enough for 4 napkins. All in all medical treatment to 200 g of rosin, beeswax 40 g and 40-50 g of vegetable oil. Frozen solution is stored in a mug or a jar, if necessary, it warmed up (only in a water bath) and applied to the fabric.

It is well to treat prostatitis, in parallel with Velcro to use an tea from parsley: 2-3 sprigs of parsley on a porcelain teapot, drink warm, no sugar, no rules, when thirsty. Parsley well helps men to restore male strength, type it into your diet and will soon see the result. Make love, not restrain himself, to avoid stagnation - and you will never be prostatitis.