Ants, ants, you are my healers!

Ointment from the ants successfully cure rheumatism, arthritis, polyarthritis, sciatica and pneumonia ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to tell about the treatment of ants.

I was born before World War II, and my post-war childhood in one of the villages in Dnipropetrovsk region. At this time the disease was much, but medicines and doctors lacked. The war has destroyed everything. But people did not despair and tried to treat natural resources. One of them was treated by ants.

Here is the prescription. Collect plenty of ants in a jar 1 liter, pour vodka or moonshine, close the nylon cover and put in a dark place for two weeks. Then drain and wring out well. Infusion should be at room temperature.

She has successfully cure rheumatism, arthritis, polyarthritis, sciatica and pneumonia, using a form of rubbing. One 20-year-old girl who lived in our village, could not even walk because of leg joints of patients. It formic rubbing her cured. She is now 85 years old, her legs do not hurt, she herself serves, and even brings 15-year old grandson. I advise everyone to gather in the summer of ants and ant prepare balm.

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