Ointment of lilies signs. Who used it, thanks

I want to tell about the amazing ointment, which has often helped me, my family and friends

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to tell about the amazing ointment, which has often helped me, my family and friends.

So when the white lily bloom, Narva flowers with stamens and fill their jar and pour vegetable oil (no aspect does not comply). Put in a sunny spot. When the time comes to take the treatment, a little Collect grease from banks, and then again put it in the sun. I was on the medication sunny, about two months. I remembered her when a nail pierced his foot. Anointed with ointment wound (even the feet are not washed), and by evening it was delayed.

The second time the ointment was saved when his leg hurt, my cow. For a month I smeared her wound grease, Vishnevsky ointment, but it would not heal. The cow, even out of the barn could not get out. Then I remembered the ointment from the flowers of lilies. Well put it on burenushke leg, and after a week she had all healed.

Another case. The son of a neighbor got into a fight 4 wounds on the head. At the hospital he bandage, and he went to school. But soon his mother complained that her son's wounds do not heal. I pulled out of the banks lily petals and advised to make their wounds. The neighbor did. The next day, the bandage was removed from her son. At the site of damage formed young skin.

This is all that relates to his wounds. My husband's doctors found that atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, in the end - amputation of the first one and then the other leg. But it did not help. With the diagnosis of gangrene, even stitches, they say, still going to die, her husband was discharged home. However, at discharge, I asked:

- What are you going to do with it?

I replied:

- The same as you - ligation.

My husband had a gangrene in severe, even the bone was visible. Once again, I remembered the jar of healing salve. I looked, and very little of it left. What? I went to the market, bought it a white lily and prepared more of its flowers medicine. Begin to treat their husbands. Bandages with ointment made it 2-3 times a day. It turned out a lot of pus, but soon retreated gangrene, and wounds healed. My husband then spent three more years and died not from gangrene.

That's such a wonderful ointment. Send me the recipe of its preparation and a woman from Poltava. Some time later received a letter from her with words of gratitude. There. Even the surgeon who amputated the leg to my husband, took my recipe for this medicinal product.

God grant that the ointment from the flowers of white lilies to someone else helped. I want this from the heart.

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