To learn how to cook and ointments soothe their ailments

I want to share recipes and ointments rastirok from sciatica fractures, paralysis, cracks in the skin

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to share some recipes for ointments and rastirok.

This rubbing will help patients with radiculitis. So, chop and mix and 2 tablespoons calamus root and burdock, the tops of wild rosemary, herb St. John's wort and calendula flowers, add 1 tablespoon willow bark and grass Viola tricolor, and 3 tablespoons pine buds. Fill half a quart to a third of the prepared mixture, pour the brim with oil and soak 2 weeks in a dark warm place. Then strain and finished rubbing rub sore spots at night.

Cracks hands and feet heals this ointment. Crush and mix for 2 tablespoons root p. recta upright, Chamomile drug and kidneys black poplar, then 3 tablespoons Pour the mixture 150 ml of olive or sunflower oil, add 10 g of beeswax, and stir, bring to a boil (do not boil!). Remove from heat and leave for one day in a warm place. Strain and cool. The ointment is prepared. Apply it to areas of damage.

Fractures of the bones will grow together more quickly if you grease the fracture of the ointment. So, chop and mix 2 tablespoons St. John's wort flowers with 3 tablespoons burdock root, then heat the 150 ml of olive or sunflower oil, add the 1 tablespoon resin and 2 tablespoons a mixture of herbs, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Good wrap and leave for 2 hours. Then strain and let the ointment thicken. You can use it.

Paralysis overcomes this rubbing. In dishes of dark glass to pour 500 ml of 400 alcohol, add to it, pre-chopped, 1 tablespoon clover, burdock root and horseradish tops of wormwood and herbs thyme. Leave for a week in a dark warm place, then profiltruyte and use for rubbing the body affected by paralysis.

That's all for today. Cheers!

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