Do not give the abyss, my miracle cream!

This ointment rapidly cure allergies, diathesis, runny nose and colds, yeast

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to offer a recipe for healing ointment.

So, to make it, mix 200 g of butter and pork lard, 100 g of sunflower oil and whisk together all the mixer to a homogeneous state. Add 12 mg pharmacy hydrochloric acid and whisk well again. The ointment is prepared. Keep it in the freezer.

In allergy and diathesis rub ointment in his hands, and then wipe their places rash. Above can be boiled oil sunflower oil. Soon the body will clear.

Sinusitis, rhinitis, influenza is also treated with this ointment. Wrap to match cotton, dip into the ointment and lubricate well in the nose. It will take any cold. If the mouth thrush, treat ointment mouth. Last night sickness leave.

Here was this miracle ointment. Treated for it, will be satisfied.

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