Cured the king of the ointment: it is and you do not give the abyss

This miracle cream improves blood circulation and lymph flow, increases the tone of muscle tissues and joints, relieves pain associated with diseases of musculoskeletal system, contributes to the removal of salts, restores the structure of muscle and cartilage tissues

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

I'd like to share a recipe for an ointment, which has healed Peter the Great.

So, after the Azov campaign of the Tsar Romanov came down from the unbearable pain. He had suffered from lower back, sacrum and other joints, in general, the king suffered greatly. Treated him brooms in a Russian bath, but it is not something that did not help, but it became even worse.

Terrible dark night became the face of the Emperor, he chah eyes, and subjects in an effort to save the great king, constantly engaged in seeking funds that could cure him. One day Prince Menshikov came to Peter I, frail man in a foreign jacket and pince-nez, and said:

- Mein Herz, now a German doctor, who can help you calm all your joints.

- Which joints? My back hurts badly! - Cried out in anger, Peter.

And then intervened doctor. Carrying a bottle, he quickly stammered something. Listen, listen to the terrible king, and then waved his hand, they say, do what you want. Then the doctor told Peter to coat, shirt, underwear, put him on the bench and began deftly blur the body of the Emperor some heavy grease.

After this, the king quickly fell asleep, and woke up next morning without feeling any more pain. Then he began to use this ointment and joint pain, and colds, and headaches.

Someone might think that this is a fictitious story. But this is not true. It was all really. A doctor who helped Peter I recover, was the founder of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (now - Russian Academy of Sciences) Life medic Lawrence Lavrentievich Blumentrost. Apparently, he was among the first investigated Karelia, where he opened on the basis of ferruginous mineral springs Russia's first resort. There Blumentrost met with marsh cinquefoil, which is part of ointments, heal the king. Here is the recipe of its preparation.

In Peter's time it was prepared on the basis of goose fat, and since now it is hard to find, and the quality of the fat is not too high, I instead use lanolin cream that you can buy for a penny at any pharmacy.

The ointment is prepared thoroughly mix until a homogeneous mixture in a glass or porcelain bowl 1 tube of lanolin cream, 1 tablespoon infusions marsh cinquefoil (2 / 3 cup minced dried roots of plants placed in a half-gallon jar, fill to top-quality vodka, tightly resealed and brew for 2-3 weeks in a dark place, shaking once a day), 1 tsp infusions of red hot peppers (one pod pour a glass of vodka and insist 10 days in a dark place), 3 drops of pharmaceutical vitamin E and 1 tablespoon honey. Keep it in the refrigerator. When the articular and muscular pain ointment applied thinly to the sore spot and rubbed and massaged it into the body (with a cold - in the chest and back). Ointment penetrates deeply into tissue, warming the muscles and joints, and without causing irritation. To eliminate a headache or hangover off, a small amount of ointment should be gently put on the temples. That's enough to come soon relieved.

This miracle cream improves blood circulation and lymph flow, increases tone of muscle tissues and joints, relieves pain associated with diseases of musculoskeletal system, contributes to the removal of salt deposits and restores the structure of muscle and cartilage tissues.

As in the ointment is hot pepper, in any case not be allowed contact with her in the eye! Red hot pepper has a unique ability to enhance the effect of other herbs, so its therapeutic properties are endless. Contained in pepper Rutin improves the strength of the capillaries circulatory system and helps thin your blood, thus preventing thrombosis.

At the end of September last year I was very ill. I had tonsillitis and bronchitis, which was accompanied by terrible debilitating cough. To make his fortune, I have the evening before going to sleep a little parboiled cabbage leaf, then mix a little ointment Valentina Seymovoy, 1 tablespoon honey, liqueurs golden mustache and red hot pepper, and then a layer of this mixture caused the warm cabbage leaf and put it on his chest. Top covered with cellophane wrapped up warm woolen scarf and went to bed. Total number of such procedures every night was enough for me to be healed.

Stay you, good people, all healthy and happy!

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