I propose to treat homemade ointment

Ointments are used for hernia, joint, muscle and back pain, osteochondrosis and thrombophlebitis. Helps ointment used chiryah, boils, barley and toothache

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to share a recipe for homemade ointment.

Just want to say that the ointment on the baby's body did not cause, and how it will react to it, do not know. I think that the kids can be treated with ointment, just need to add less than its constituent essences, and more fat. Now tell, how I cook.

So, I go to the market and buy somewhere 0,5 kg domestic pork fat. At home I cut it into pieces and melt (not roasted!) For lard in Kazanka. Then put in the bottom half-liter banks integer 2 raw is not very large fresh chicken eggs, pour them acetic vinegar (there is a grocery store) so it barely covered the eggs and then placing the jar with a spoon lard has cooled. He will need somewhere in 200-250, the Bank should be on the finger incomplete. Closing her nylon cover and put a 3-4 day somewhere in the cupboard. After this date, take out a jar and gently fluff with a fork, stainless steel its contents to a homogeneous state. Ointment obtained consistency of thick cream. Keep it should be in the locker, so that the sun's rays are not melted, tightly closed. The refrigerator is not recommended. If, due to prolonged storage of the ointment a little out of steam, add to it 1 tablespoon essences and mix well.

The ointment is used, rubbing a sore spot with a hernia, joint, muscle and back pain, osteochondrosis (rubbing, massaging), and thrombophlebitis. Take it a little and rub it like a cream, or in any way without imposing a thick layer and not laying then rub the paper, cellophane or tablecloth. We can only wrap something warm, such as old downy shawl or a scarf. Lubricate sore spots should be 1-2 times a day. Duration of treatment for each individual, most importantly - to have patience and desire to recover. At the clothing does not leave traces of grease, as well absorbed by the body, and the smell of vinegar erode just a few minutes. Tampons should not put a salve.

When my daughter has the flu, I had rubbed ointment on her shoulders to her heels, treating each finger hands, feet, carefully oiling the back and sole. Just a few days the daughter recovered.

I ointment helped get rid of calluses on the soles. In the evening before bedtime decorate education around the plaster, then the center of corn was putting a little grease, covered with oilcloth, tying a bandage and went to bed. Morning wrap removed. 2-3 days hovering feet, and scraped corn. She did so until then, until the corn generally is not. Apply only at night as a compress can not walk.

If the body of the ointment a little bit hot, to add to it 1-2 tsp lard and mix again. Helps ointment used chiryah, boils, barley, and toothache. Grease should not once.

From adhesions, which I have formed on the site of disposal appendicitis, also escaped only because of this ointment. She helped me with the inflammation of the appendages, sinus, pain and leg cramps. Ointment well calms nerves, heals bruises and a runny nose. It is in our house - saved from many illnesses.

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