The fact is my story, as the leg "Stimulin" I saved

I want to tell the story, which once again underlines the effectiveness of the drug "Stimulin"

I want to tell the story, which once again underlines the effectiveness of the drug "Stimulin.

, 4 ago, I had a trophic ulcer on the legs, I went to the hospital for medical examination, they have three of us. They do not write me ointments different, but what I was doing - nothing helped. I decided to go to the surgeons. They put me in the hospital, but the treatment was unsuccessful. And I went to his grandmother, who treated people, so they just what I have identified my true diagnosis - trophic ulcers. But the cure would not take me. Passed since four years. During this time the ulcers proliferate, gave great complications - leg to the knees all fester. For 4 years no doctor, no healer is not met, which would heal me.

So one June day to me on the street a strange woman came up and asked: "Where is home Badyka Claudia Ivanovna? She lives somewhere on the street Ostrovsky. I volunteered to help her find the right house. It turned out that a woman named Badyka lives quite close to me (Voznesensk, rn Bulgarka Str. Ostrovsky, 242; if you drive out of town - beyond the bridge), but I did not know that it treats "Stimulin.

We were near her door and called. Released elderly woman. Her face was kind. At the same time a car pulled up to the court, and it took these people. And I went to his grandson (Alexander A. Small), he lives in Kiev, and rarely comes home.

A couple of weeks I went back to Claudia Ivanovna, and asked that she inspected my leg. It took me, and anointed the benevolent head and leg in three places near the heel "Stimulin" and told to come to her on the 16th day.

And so, after the third lubricating with my legs began to flow every stinking rubbish. Leaked her very much, more than mayonnaise jar. I could not even anywhere to go.

Recently, the 5th time the procedure took lubrication. My leg is not yet fully healed, but the fear that it causes anymore.

How many more will have to treat my leg - I do not know, but I think that the worst is behind us.

"Stimulin" went to Claudia Ivanovna, from her late husband. He treated his people and himself were prepared.

I want to once again take this opportunity to thank this woman. Incidentally, this is a whole dynasty of healers:

Badyka Michael A. (deceased) he was engaged in "Stimulin. He cooks it and treating people. We continue to work my wife about her, and grandson of Alexander Lesser. He, too, he prepares the medicine and possible cures. Very clever about it, from the "bugs" and finishing treatment. Claudia Ivanovna working under his direction, as he feels that his grandson has already achieved great results in the case.