My husband and son are now in good health, including me - an ordinary kerosene our family drinks

In "Granny" was a lot of tips on cleaning the body. I used ordinary kerosene and any harm to me he did not bring

Good day, "Grandma"!

For four years you are my reliable friend and first assistant. When I got sick and went to the hospital, doctors said that medicine is powerless. So I had to take the help of traditional medicine. And, thank God, because the recipe for Grandma "came to life. Now she and I share tips.

First of all, to get rid of the disease, we must necessarily make cleaning the whole organism. Only after purification of the body and the body will work like a clock. In "Grandma" was a lot of tips on cleaning the intestine, liver, kidney and gall bladder. I used ordinary kerosene and any harm he had brought me. Previously, our grandparents only grass and kerosene were treated, and starved during Lent. Then the body itself was cleaned from slag. From slagging the liver and gall bladder weakens the body, breaks down the metabolism. The first sign of this - the destruction of the teeth.

And now that I cleaned.

In the morning on an empty stomach drank 1 tablespoon kerosene and ate a slice of halva. After half an hour lunch. During the day, was slightly burp with the smell, but I have not frightened because I knew - it works the stomach. Depending on the degree of slagging of the body for 2-3 days is cleansing. At this time, perhaps upset intestine. This means that clean intestines, liver, gall bladder and parallel to the purified kidney, excreted in the urine in the form of sand stones. It does not feel any pain.

Possible after cleaning to take place in the home urine test. To do this, collect urine daily for 200 grams and put on night cream. You'll see how many will settle the sand and mucus.

Kerosene drink in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 tablespoon during the week. Then make a week break and repeat the course. Drinking kerosene such courses before disappearing in the urine sediment.

Cleansing the body with kerosene normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels in diabetes, contributes to the disappearance of constipation, cures dropsy, psoriasis, washes well urachus, heals prostatitis, adenoma, kidney, liver, stomach, heart disease, reduces breathlessness, relieves sore throats, stop flatulence, normalizes thyroid function, removes worms, Solitaire.

After I put myself in the foot, in the same way podlechil husband and son. We are all alive and well, and no kerosene poisoning.

Helps kerosene and getting the flu or loss of voice. Drink it to 1 tablespoon To 3 times a day, and soon get better.

Good people, working on myself. Refuse to fatty, fried and smoked food, coffee, sweets - and all will be fine. I am sure that God will give you the power to restore health.

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