Neither the Dead Sea, nor kurortolechenie not bring such relief

I took mineral baths at many resorts in Ukraine, Europe, Canada lying on the water of the Dead Sea, but a better feeling, which has experienced after the use of stone oil, I have never been

Hello, "Grandma!

Being more than a year ago, on tour in one of the cities of Ukraine, accidentally discovered oil on the stone - of whom I told the staff member restaurant where I dined, it cured this mineral mastopathy and myomas.

Since I have about five years actively used to maintain health and various forms of folk methods, I am very interested in this mineral. You understand that from the constant moves, not always comfortable living conditions, different quality of water and food, I have suffered a great immune system and gastrointestinal tract. Therefore decided to learn more about the stone oil. And that helped me "Grandma."

After reading a few newspaper articles SG Nagaya, telling detail about this mineral, once believed in him. Since I am a self-sufficient and has long been in anything does not deny, decided to purchase stone oil. Has got the stone oil from Stanislav G. and began to drink it infusion (5 g per 1.5 liter of water), with him also made wraps, and also adopted a series of oil and stone baths with Jacuzzi tub. Believe me - it is a true miracle! I took mineral baths at many resorts in Ukraine, Europe, Canada lying on the water of the Dead Sea, but a better feeling that experienced after the treatment course with stone oil, I was not there. Now I feel great: strengthened immunity, gastrointestinal tract working smoothly, and even rejuvenate the whole body. I even stopped to visit a beauty salon!

Many thanks to "Grandma" and Stanislav Grigorievich for such wonderful article and for his loyalty to the people's means of healing. God grant healing methods, published in the newspaper, many more have helped to restore health.

I recommend everybody to go for stone oil to Stanislav Grigorievich Naga. He lived at the address: Str. Leni Golikov, 95, PM Dnepropetrovsk, 49108, tel.: (056) 788-38-97, (067) 847-80-34. He has a natural quality stone oil, and definitely not fake, I am satisfied.

Since every minute of my life long painted for the year ahead, his name and address not telling, sorry.