From ailments saved me urinolechenie. I recommend this method to all without exception

I want to share those methods of self, which helped me get rid of all ailments ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

With great pleasure I read the newspaper, using the prescriptions and advise them to their neighbors, relatives, acquaintances and friends. Sometimes they even buy a newspaper and give it to the needy, especially those living in rural areas.
I want to share those methods of self, which helped me get rid of all ailments. I think that it will need all those who have almost reached the pens, as I did in my time.

In 1986 he retired by age. The state of health was bad. Had a whole bunch of different sores and did not know which doctor to seek help. Medication has not helped. And in the early seventies I had the surgery - resection of the stomach, as gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer contributed to the fact that zarubtsovka ulcers shut me out of the stomach, jeoparded me to death by starvation. I then removed the 2 / 3 of the stomach and converted anew 12-duodenum. And as if all was in order, but after surgery I could not get two minutes to lie on his back because of severe pain in the joints.
More than half a century ago I moved to live in the city. This immediately build a house. As I worked the night shift, and build the house himself, then, of course, normal rest and food was not. After the construction went to night school and in 1963 entered in absentia in HIIT. And in 1970 I moved to the engineering work in the office of the road. Although changing jobs were finished, I have independently engaged in research, innovative manufacturing, was engaged in rationalization work, inventions, developed the new card technology, etc. Then came school, best practices, meetings, give lectures. Of course, this all has fingerprints on health, as regularly violated diet and rest.

And now, for more than 5 years after retirement, when life is turned upside down, my health became steadily worse. During this period I managed from one another in the evening school, which was cured urine, and was almost hopelessly ill, read self - Urine therapy. Once I realized and very strongly believe that this is just what I need. And another way I was not. And all this is so strengthened my faith in the victory - that, even without starting treatment, I had a feeling some relief. There was hope for recovery. So I started Urine therapy. From drugs, I refused completely.

So this morning, her watch is 6-7, drank an average dose - 100-150 g of fresh, still warm their urine. Peel volley, big gulps. The remaining urine was burying her eyes, 3-4 drops in each eye - so that they wash.

Droplets of 5 buried in each ear, but died down only one. Rubbed urine into the scalp. Of the total night urine, slightly warmed, massaged into the skin of the legs or did it out of the bath for the feet and rubbed above the knees. Periodically, especially in summer, rubbed it and putting a poultice on the chest, abdomen and lower back.

It is worth noting that the recipes "Grandma" treating the body, folk remedies, which gives a guarantee of a cure. In this I have discovered finally.
Before you begin receiving urine, I became acquainted with the process of its formation, and, of course, apparently, without that I would not have started treatment of urine. The whole point is that a well-chewed food enters the stomach in the required amount for its normal digestion. At the exit from the stomach of food is divided into thick and liquid mass. Thick is in the intestine, the liquid - in the kidneys, which is cleaned, filtered. So it turns urine - urine. Next, a dose of kidney urine sent to the blood, it spreads throughout the body, healing him. The remainder of the urine goes into the bladder. When feeding fresh vegetable food urine better and better to dissolve the stones and slag in the body. All this trash makes blood from the body, passing through the kidneys, where from them and get rid.

The principle of urine is reduced to the fact that we treat more than one kind of disease, and provide assistance throughout the body, helping him self to get rid of the sores. In this I am convinced, as all tried, tested on himself.

Of particular importance in the treatment of urine is food. For the table I sit only when very hungry. As the fats I take vegetable oil (up to 1 tablespoon. L. / Day) or internal lard. And products such as onion, garlic and horseradish, parsley, dill, black radish, carrots, cabbage, beet and other vegetables and fruits I use if possible all year round, and usually with the skin.

Often, agree boiled in their skins with no salt potatoes, almost daily it wheat bran. They successfully normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Fruits and vegetables are made in isolation from the main food for 1-1,5 hours before eating or 2-3 hours after. This allows the body to take all the nutrients in full. Avoid foods whose production is due to the commercial benefits, such as canned goods, sausages, refined sugar, rice and so on. Strictly limit the acceptance of salt, as far as possible.

The main thing in the diet - this does not prevent the overeating of food, following the principle of "malnutrition - the best friend, overeating - the worst enemy". After visiting the companies in which the subject gluttony, some days you feel not in form.
Once a child read a book about folk healing: "from the table you have to get up, when he felt the surge of appetite. Then I laughed at this, but it took time - and had to cry. What can we do?

I first worked for a standard food for the reception. Next: when you sit at the table and still hungry, I get up and jump out into the yard and grab some interesting work. And now, 20 minutes later I felt no appetite, but in the stomach - an incredible lightness, more energy and mood. Of course, all this is not easy, but if you want (and more if necessary) is feasible.

I once heard that when the stomach is full of normal, then the signal goes to the brain, but it is 20 minutes. It helped me deal with gluttony.

Overeating food is very harmful to health. When the stomach full of food, he can not fully digest, and then she, though not completely digested, waddle out of the stomach. Nevertheless, the liquid from the not ready for assimilation by the body of food still goes to the kidneys to form urine. But it is for the recovery of the organism is not a qualitative urine. It is more like dishwater, but despite this, the kidneys send it in blood. This comment is superfluous. Because the kidneys are unable to clear the urine of sugar in the undigested food. As a result, the sugar enters the blood and urine.

It is easy to understand what is diabetes, and from which it is formed. While this medicine may gu-gu. But I also had diabetes. But he disappeared in itself, since I stopped overeating, especially at night, and take urine. By this, I normalize the functioning of both the pancreas and other organs.

A lot of attention I pay a daily morning physical exercises, and then feel on top. I began gymnastics in bed with "goldfish", but then, just getting up, keep it on the well-known exercise. All day I try to be in motion. This is very helpful urine output accumulated over the years slag from all corners of the body.

Also, I accept and herbal teas, as he helps cleans the body. True, it is slightly longer than with urine. It may happen is that after start of urine or already deep in the process appear certain ailments. But it is not poisoned, but an ordinary purgative or health energy crisis in the derivation of slag from the body. I knew about these things from the very beginning, so if you break the case do not. Endure.

Applying the above methods of self, I completely got rid of all ills. Headache and insomnia left me alone, bald head covered with hair, restored sight and hearing, I forgot that I have liver and kidney, although I twice snatched an ambulance to attack. What is sciatica, diabetes, influenza - I do not remember. For 6 years I have not taken a single pill. My Heart is working properly, and I can sleep easily on the left side. Normalized function of the pancreas. Nevertheless, take urine does not throw, and everything that was done at the beginning of treatment, although from time to time, but continue to repeat.

I think that's not all slag out of the body, although no physical evidence did not have. But I'm not one bucket of medicines taken in my entire life prior to the self.

In conclusion, that if when the designated operating on my stomach, I know anything about Urine therapy, I would never have agreed to such a serious operation.

Reading the requests on the last page of the newspaper "Grandma", in many cases, I would advise to use Urine therapy for the treatment of disease. This I checked not only for yourself. And I believe in this method of treatment, but to him at the same time must be treated very seriously.
I note that the advice for the treatment of the organism is not medicine, and popular means deserve special attention. I firmly believe that the newspaper "Grandma" - almost the only means currently available for conservation and maintenance of health of many people. Thank you, "Grandma, thank you for what you have.

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