When Germany study - control over the food we get

Germany needs to saturate the cells with oxygen, positive impact on the immune system, participates in your body eliminate toxins and poisons

Hello, "Grandma!

Before I reveal the wonderful properties of germanium, tell you about one case, which served as the basis for my interest in this rare and little-known element.

In the 70 years of last century, I was in the north of Russia and was in friendly relations with Nicholas, a native of the Gorky region. It was a responsible officer, a pleasant companion and a passionate hunter. But in the third year of service he started having problems with the digestive tract - Nicholas was often complain of poor performance and intestinal pain in it.

Soon I had to leave for his new job, a few years I have been on foreign trips and therefore knew nothing about the fate of Nicholas. Returning to Moscow, from our colleagues shared with him I learned that due to a number of diseases in the early 80-ies he was dismissed from the army and went to her parents. Endeavor, I installed the seat of Nicholas, and in 1988 we met.

Nick said that when he returned home, he decided to come to grips with his health and asked for help from local travnitse Aunt Dasha. For two years she had treated him wild garlic and aloe, explaining treatment is the fact that Nicholas is not the nutrients contained in these plants. Even Aunt Dasha advised Nicholas all this time is as much seafood. Soon, all kinds of diseases, as demonstrated by medical examination, in Nicholas leaving only scars on his body (he underwent 2 operations). Nick once again went to work on the North, but as a civilian.

A little later, taking up more closely healing, I discovered the cause of illness and miraculous recovery of Nicholas.

Analyzing the book Semenov, communicating with people with a history of similar diseases, as well as looking at their old records, I noticed that a large role in the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive processes is germanium. He needed to saturate the body cells of oxygen, positive impact on the work of the entire immune system, participates in the body eliminate toxins and poisons, and most importantly - is a kind of food quality inspector at the outset of its revenue from the esophagus into the stomach and processing in the gastrointestinal tract, which has several departments with the valves, which is split and processed foods.

Thus, Germany provides flexibility and elasticity of the valves. If a person does not get long this mineral and waste leaves the body, then the valves weaken and lose their integrity and the food begins to "walk" through the intestines. As a result, disturbed digestion and the problem starts with health. The case of Nicholas showed that deal with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should be, starting with proper nutrition and skillful use of traditional medicine. The presence of germanium in the body allows the brain at lightning speed to assess the qualitative and quantitative composition of food entering the stomach, and then adjust the valves to work. Prolonged notification is germanium brain at a time programmed by his generation in the cells of the endocrine glands, but this is only possible when there is enough in the body of silicon.

Lack of Germany - one of the causes of osteoporosis and prerequisite for the development of cancer. Recently, Germany has been actively used in the treatment of anemia, herpes zoster, prolonged healing wounds, eczema, and to strengthen immunity.

Germanium is not toxic and is well absorbed by the body of the products contain it. It is present in garlic, fish, seafood and ginseng root, certain types of mushrooms, garlic, aloe and Comfrey. By using them, you gain better health thoroughly.

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