How to find harmony and completeness of the clean, own example, I want to show

This diet is not burdensome! There did not want at all, a sense of lightness and energy. 2 weeks notice, I lose 7-8 kg ...

Dear "Grandma"!

I think what I write, it will be interesting and helpful not only to young women, but also mature.

They say: there was a blessing in disguise. And yet they say we are digging its own grave ... teeth. And all this - the truth. I can say so from personal experience. But all in order.

From my husband left. There is nothing unusual, is not it? Many couples, having reached the age of 50, raised her children apart. Family - is borscht, dumplings and fried pies and eternal standing at the stove, that was to feed her husband come home from work. This is - impossibly bags and bazaars. Tired and routine. And no wonder, that is not old husband appeared a young woman. Slim. Not burdened by cares. And that gloomy plump wife is irritating ...

I know there are happy couples. But this is not my case.

I am 49 years old, I have a normal complexion, although some may be a figure at that age? Of course, 20-25 kg, I have been superfluous. This I understand, catching one of his fastidious eye, when not got in last year's skirt.

- All get fat - he said to me scornfully and turned away.

Tolstoy. But the weight I gained over the past 20 years. In the year of a kilogram - is a lot? And the most offensive, so that look almost all the women of my age ...

In short, he was gone. And I am grateful to him for that! Otherwise I would have never agreed to lose weight. Not agreed to so many problems with health!

I was very bad - both morally and physically. I have, besides extra pounds, had a lot of diseases: cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis, aching kidneys. And most importantly - being sick in the morning, fatigue, swelling under the eyes, gray skin.

When her husband left, I looked in the mirror and cried: Who am I now need at my age, so bad look?

And then I caught the eye of the Japanese diet. And she hath wrought a miracle! Although, if her husband did not leave, I would have it no attention. That's for sure: there was a blessing in disguise!

When I now see overweight women of different ages, clump under the weight of extra pounds, I want to take their hand and say: this is all easy to overcome! And all of our disease often lose weight. We are intoxicated, we are malnourished, we are digging a grave with his teeth, we throw husbands, we are giving way the disease, which could not be. And not so much want to help themselves. We avoid diets, because fear hunger and weakness. And something to hide - just lazy.

This diet is not burdensome! There did not want at all, a sense of lightness and energy. And pass colitis and gastritis, are no longer ill liver and kidneys, swelling disappear. 2 weeks notice, I lose 7-8 kg. Diet regulates metabolism in the body, sets it to a different rhythm. Built guarantee effect for three years.

So, the first day.

BREAKFAST. Black coffee.

LUNCH. 2 hard boiled eggs, salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil, a glass of tomato juice or 1 fresh tomato.

DINNER. Fried or boiled fish with cabbage salad.

Second day.

BREAKFAST. Black coffee, biscuit.

LUNCH. Fish boiled or fried, fresh cabbage salad.

DINNER. Boiled beef - 200 g, 1 glass of kefir.

Third day.

BREAKFAST. Black coffee.

LUNCH. Raw eggs, 3 boiled carrots with vegetable oil, 150 grams of hard cheese.

DINNER. Apples.

Fourth day.

BREAKFAST. Black coffee.

LUNCH. 1 large parsnip or parsley root, fried in vegetable oil. Apples.

DINNER. 200 g boiled beef, coleslaw.

Fifth day.

BREAKFAST. Crude firm carrots with lemon juice.

LUNCH. 500 g fish and a glass of tomato juice.

DINNER. Fish and coleslaw.

Sixth day.

BREAKFAST. Black coffee.

LUNCH. 500 g of boiled chicken, a salad of raw carrots or fresh cabbage.

DINNER. 2 hard boiled eggs. Salad of raw carrots with vegetable oil.

Seventh day.


LUNCH. 20 g of boiled beef, any fruit.

DINNER. What do you want from the diet every day, except the third.

From the eighth to the thirteenth day diet again. After losing 7-8 kg of weight 2-3 years can eat normally.

This diet is not so much for weight loss, how to regenerate the body. I withstood it 4 weeks and I liked it because eating. Of course, this may seem expensive, but how health is not expensive?

So, for 2 months I lost weight at 15-18 kg. In a word, returned to my 20-year terms, and in addition has a great feel. No swelling. No bags under the eyes in the morning, her skin has improved without any masks and cosmetics! I do not now crash - an extra make-up after 40 years old, and there is nothing better than healthy skin. At first they thought that I lost weight "of grief. But my good mood, I am mobile, go on foot to the country, but earlier and to submit such a way was terrible. The fact that no husband, has its advantages: I have 2 years not cook soups: they are harmful. To some this may seem like sacrilege, that soup can be equated to harmful products, but I do not eat it long ago and I feel great. I eat what I want, very little, and I was missing. Do not take a job fat sandwiches, carrying in her bag crisps and nuts - they are quickly and reliably satisfy the hunger, there is no gravity in the stomach.

Before starting the diet can be 10 days of fasting to take activated charcoal - for tablet per 10 kg weight. But you yourself have chosen a rule - do not drink just 7-8 tablets, start with 2-3. While diet can not be: alcohol, salt, sugar, flour products, sweets. The order of meals is better not to change and do not add "from himself". In the diet all out. Believe me, I experienced myself, and many of my friends followed my example.

I am slim, light, mobile, look not at the next 50 years - more than 35 I do not give. I had to replace the entire wardrobe.

And most importantly, I had a friend who is much younger than me. And I do not feel close to him an old woman. It is our feeling. In a healthy body - healthy mind.

But I confess: if life is so painful to me did not strike - I would never be able to lose weight. We do not have enough will power and knowledge. Now I - I know. Well, why would not I start a diet, while her husband was with me? He would have me then did not. It is affected my appearance, and not against the return.

Women, lovely! Believe in yourself! All in your hands! So many illnesses from excess weight that does not convey. I am now afraid to remember that we used to eat. Horror! My tastes have changed: water with lemon juice for me tastes sweet, strong tea. From black coffee does not hurt the heart, and the road for 12 hours of travel I take with a packet of nuts - simple and satisfying.

The way we look and how to feel, depends all our life. Two years ago I thought life was over. Topping a 40-year milestone, which could expect a woman? Now I understand that you can be young and energetic and in 60-70 years. And to you people irresistibly. And happiness is until you are alive.

For those who wish to follow my example: add cleansing enemas, and be sure to check the presence of helminths. All efforts will be wasted if you would be parasites. And they have the majority of people, alas.

My name and address of not writing for obvious reasons. But do not write in "Granny" could not - my experience should help many.

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