How to deal with the fullness, not limiting themselves to the food?

Subtle, but regular overeating, provoked no hunger, and stress or habit, very quickly turn into a surplus of 2 kg ...

Hello, "Grandma!

Following the publication of my prescription for weight loss began and continued my correspondence with readers. It is difficult to satisfy all the answers, but the happiness and joy come to me and grateful letter: weight dropped, got rid of the disease. Everyone who wanted to achieve his goal, came to the desired result. Thank you, dear, that you have enough courage, willpower and inner mindset.

There were some lines in the letters: "It was on a diet 3 days, but I better drink tablets, even expensive, but that could have everything." That's what I want to talk in this article.

How do we deal with completeness, not limiting itself to the diet?

It has always been that if a person nervous, tense and unstable lifestyle, it grows thin. We can not boast about the absence of problems, each of their missing. Nevertheless, in our unsweetened, nesytnom and troubled existence around a lot of well-fed, full and even very overweight people. To understand why this happens, it is very important, since the struggle with excess weight begins not only with the desire to lose weight, but with an understanding of the true causes of its completeness.

Academician Amosov liked to say that to eat one who does not seek to have a delicious. Tasty - does not mean it is necessary and useful. But today, we increasingly find ourselves in a prisoner does not even tasty, but the usual food. Food becomes a way of avoiding stress, which are so generous with our modern life. Any food - Relaxation, calm.
"Let's drink a cup of tea" - offer us

And we willingly agree, though just eaten and did not want tea. But it is desirable to pause, from which you can get a good emotional charge or something to decide at the moment. These subtle, but regular overeating triggered by no hunger, and stress or habit, very quickly turn into a surplus of 2 kg. A decision over the optimal regime of sweets, ice cream, increase the weight of 10 kg.

The whole process of food absorption, as it is deformed. Is changing in the secretion of hormones and enzymes activity, increased synthesis of fat and blocks their breakdown, which leads to obesity in 1,5-2 times more often. And no amount of pills and diet will not help if you do not configure the stomach on the right wave. Not resolving the problem, domestic hardship and frustration, "seizes" the first chance with anything, is rapidly excreted man on the road to obesity. Maybe so successful is always in motion. After all, they have no time to eat, they are happy, passionate about his work, slender and fit. They do not think its existence without movement: "ran in from work hungry and think: oh, how I will sit down now, do not chew the fly." But ... the moment - she drank a glass of tea with a slice of bread and went to bed. It takes willpower, and it should be applied.

For example, my mother never had dinner, as food was scarce, barely enough to feed the children - four girls and one boy. If we invited her, she replied: "I, my children, I go to bed and not go to work. Why do I have? You eat, you need to grow at night, but I'm grown up now. It was fast moving and powerful work to old age.

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