Breathing exercises "Dzyanfey" - this is the real way to lose weight

Due to exercise the "Wave" people disappearing hunger and they can without any effort to reduce the amount of the food you eat ...

Breathing exercises consist of three parts - exercises "Wave", "frog", "Lotus". Due to exercise the "Wave" people disappearing hunger and they can without any effort to reduce the amount of food intake, generally stop eating or only eat small quantities of vegetables and fruits.

Typically, termination of a meal accompanied by a weakening of the body, dizziness and other symptoms, however, making three types of exercises, you can avoid all this.

When all three exercises should be primarily to weaken the belt and unbutton clothes hampers movement of the body. Breathe, and you lose weight!

Exercise "Wave"
Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees at right angles, put your feet exactly. One put his hand on his chest, the other - on his stomach and then start breathing exercises, a little helping hand.

If you inhale stretch the chest, pull the stomach, during expiration, by contrast, involve the chest, inflating the abdomen (as fully as possible, but without excessive force).

Chest exercises (up-down) and abdomen (down-up) as to form a wave. The respiratory rate should be closer to normal (if certain individuals during exercise there is a slight dizziness, breathing a little slow). Making of 40 complete breaths (inhale-exhale). This movement can be done as standing, sitting, walking, while riding a bicycle.

Exercise "Wave" is done in the first days of occupation and later only when you feel hunger Hunger - exercise. Not hungry - do not practice. Do individuals, even after 60 full breaths (inspiration - expiration) is still a strong feeling of hunger and raises a number of deviations. This means that the exercises "Wave" is not suitable for their body.

Exercise "Frog"
Sit on a chair height of 35-40 cm so that the drumstick and thigh form a straight or slightly less of an angle, knees apart at shoulder level.

The woman left hand squeezes his fist, his right hand clenches a fist, right hand man squeezes his fist, while his left hand grabs it. Elbows on his knees and put his forehead on his fist place, then you have to cover the eyes, lips touch the smile, the entire body relax and take the most comfortable position, put ourselves in a state of complete rest.

Then it is necessary to settle their thoughts and nervous system, that is, calm down, relax inwardly. You can do this at first once a sigh, as if after fatigue, that the whole body as it went limp. Now try to think of the most beautiful and joyful in their lives (for example, that you are lying on the grass near the water and enjoying nature) to get the emotional satisfaction, and relief. A minute or two you keep physically and mentally calm, pleasant condition. After ureguliruete your thoughts, go to the main stage of the exercise "frog". All ideas are fully concentrated on breathing exercises. First, make a free inhale through the nose and carry out the air, helping himself mentally. In the abdomen, then through the mouth make easy, slow, steady exhale - while there is a feeling that the stomach is gradually becoming a relaxed and soft. When all the air slowly exhale, inhale again through your nose, inhale should also be easy, slow, smooth. All the time Everyday inspiration
abdomen, as it gradually filled with air and swells. When the stomach is full, stand still for two seconds, then make an additional short breath, after which immediately begin a slow exhalation. Thus, we obtain a cycle of breathing: exhale, inhale, stand still for two seconds, short breath and then exhale, inhale, and so on. During the process of respiration, the chest is not rising, but the abdomen is retracted, it swells, much like a frog.

During the exercises the "frog" to monitor the degree of air filling the abdomen during inspiration, taking into account the state of his body, or possible adverse deviation. You can not do these exercises with internal bleeding and those who have not yet expired three months after internal surgery. Those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and other serious diseases (gastrointestinal disease), degree of filling the stomach with air during inspiration enough to bring up to 10-20%. Women and menstrual best to suspend classes, replacing them with exercises "Lotus". The vast majority of healthy people and people suffering from common chronic diseases, can perform these exercises and the degree of air filling the stomach to bring up to 80-90%.

Exercise "Frog" took 15 minutes. After their completion, do not open my eyes at once - to avoid dizziness. Raise your head with your eyes closed, her hands rub against each other 10 times, then the fingers of both hands "Comb" several times his head. Open your eyes, hands, squeeze into fists, lift up, stretch, take a deep breath, then eyes are clearer, will add strength.

These exercises in the period of intensive weight loss needs to be done three times a day, each time for 15 minutes, you can do in the normal meal hours, you can select another time.

Exercise "Frog" stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, metabolism. This, in turn, has a beneficial effect on skin. With deep inhalation and exhalation diaphragm chest that rises, then falls, which plays a remarkable role of massage the internal organs.

Exercise "Frog" raise the tone of the whole organism and effectively eliminate and mitigate all adverse effects, which usually causes restriction in food.

Exercises "Lotus"
These exercises are usually done while sitting, as in the exercise "frog" or tucked his feet under him, that is in the position of the Buddha. The hands, palms up to put one over the other on his feet in front of the stomach. Woman left over right, and a man - on the contrary. Do not lean back in his chair, straighten your lower back slightly, lower your shoulders, take the chest, chin slightly lower, eyes close, his tongue, lift up slightly and touch the sky (around the upper teeth), completely unwind, take a comfortable, natural position.

Once you have a comfortable position, reconditioned, and his thoughts. To do this, you must first take a deep breath and relax, then 1-2 minutes to think about the most joyful and pleasant in your life, prior to breathing exercises, to create a calm, easy mood.

Following this, focus all your thoughts on the settlement of breath, while nothing should interfere.

Breathing exercise is divided into three phases

Breathing should be deep, long, light, smooth and very natural. His chest and stomach at the same time should not be significantly raised and lowered. Beginners can listen to the sounds of breathing and gradually achieve silent breath. You control the breath, regulate it. This phase - 5 minutes.

Second stage
Inspired of course, not paying attention, not manage it. When you exhale completely relax and make breathing silent, deep, long, smooth. At the second stage also takes five minutes.

Do not operate any inspiration or expiration. Natural breathing, paying no attention to the depth, evenness of breath. With all of this consistently keep your sense that breathing is, it is close, then far, then appears, then disappears. If there appear extraneous thoughts, do not pay any attention to them and heals itself. At this stage of the exercise takes about ten minutes. People with chronic diseases may make the exercise "Lotus" and longer - 20-30 minutes and 40-50 minutes.

Exercise Lotus do three times a day, you can post exercise "frog", and you can do in the morning after reveille and evening before bedtime.

Exercise "Frog" and "Lotus" are useful to relieve fatigue, improve metabolism, cure various chronic diseases. Therefore, they can be done separately from each other, no longer to get rid of completeness, and to strengthen the body and maintain health.

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