Hood ... of lunar days

Main lunar day a little, but focusing on them, you can get healthier, lose weight and rejuvenate ...

I experienced a lot of treatment options. 10 years ago got rid of completeness and its attendant diseases. Now leading a lifestyle that completeness can not go back and recover from a disease, which I lost, dropping those extra pounds. Well versed in the lunar days. It is very important! Lunar daily calendar can be determined by "Grandma", but know what it is designed for a particular treatment, I have taught my mom. Even as a child, I noticed that she often looks thoughtfully at the moon. What my mother saw there, I do not know, but she did everything according to this lamp. Planted the garden, focusing on the moon, cut the pork to bacon was tasty, too, in certain lunar days, chickens fed on the lunar calendar - sometimes gave them plenty of food, and sometimes very little. On certain days, drove to the meadows to graze and ducks.

My mother worked very hard, all trying to feed the children, because we were five! But I never noticed that she ate a lot. Drink a cup of milk or eat bread with a cucumber - and all. In the evening never dined. She said: "I'm grown up now, I do not need, but you still grow and grow." Thin was, but strong. Work was burning in her hands. And that's where she drew energy, I realized just now. Mom did not miss a single holiday, went to church and prayed to God before going to sleep on something whispered before an icon, as if talking to her. In the church, and drove us, their children. Who carried on his hands, and who himself went. My mother died at the ninth decade of influenza, which in rural areas can not be cured - there were no doctors, no drugs.

I used to all this is not thought, but now, when it was old and overcame sore, remembered her mother, her advice, the moon, and nutrition. When I asked "what are you looking at the moon and that it see?" Mom replied that there were written the letters, but not in ours. And to understand the need to look at the contours of the moon, on its increase and decrease, and do all what it says. A more detailed explained to me what days you can have everything, but what - nothing. In the next article I will describe the major lunar days. Their little, but focusing on them, you can get healthier, lose weight and rejuvenate.

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