Lose weight with the help ... mushrooms

Overweight - the problem of almost all women, especially since he is the cause of many diseases ...

My daughter came infatuation often retire with a friend, was heatedly discussed, and then with zagovorscheskim view diverge. I'm beginning to not paying attention, and then I got the better of curiosity - what can so interested in their twenties girls? It turned out, the friends decided to lose weight.

It seems nothing unusual, because the extra weight - the problem of almost all women, especially since he is responsible for many diseases. On the TV every day show advertising any miracle fat burner, just pay the money, but I have little faith in such miracles slimming. If the body is configured to form a layer of fat, burn something, do not burn it, he'll then appear. But it turned out that her daughter had decided to lose weight by ... fungi.

It all began with the fact that in the late summer of last year, Irina Filippova (Dr. fungoterapii from St. Petersburg) sent me another a solution - the method of weight loss with the help of fungi. The cover letter was written, that Russia has already used this method and get remarkable results.

I showed that the development of her daughter and forgot about it, because at that time, procured mushroom-Veselka, and cases have been plenty. A daughter became interested in the methodology, and slowly they began with a girlfriend for her to lose weight. The result within a month my daughter was in minus 5 kg, and a girlfriend - 6,5 kg. After that, they looked at me: they say, and myself thinner, and a letter about this method write in "Granny". In general, persuaded. So, dear readers, I cite the methodology of Dr. fungoterapii Philippi.

There is a myth that overweight is clearly overeat, and the evil eat sparingly. This is wrong. Typically, states that the total "lazy liver, while the wicked" burner, which is able to burn excess calories obviously. The fact that runningaway liver enzymes - a complicated matter, and liver for a long time studying this. Have you noticed that kids under 3 to 4 years of age - and funny tolstyachki puhlyashki? And all because the liver enzymes have not yet formed a full splitting of the protein. In this age, she breaks down proteins and carbohydrates only to fatty amino acids, which are again absorbed by it, transforming into fat cells. By five years of life in liver matures and begins to produce all the necessary enzymes, therefore, tend to pass all diathesis and is slimming.

Usually in women after childbirth due to hormonal upheaval liver "forgets" its work on the production of enzymes, and the woman starts to gain weight. After 35 years' hormone calm ", that is, decreased metabolism, leading to complete, subject to the majority of women and men. All drugs used for weight loss, work on the splitting had already formed fat cells, and no one teaches ferment liver. The sad experience of fasting, diets, etc. shows that adipose tissue is restored very quickly, if the liver is working as usual. Therefore the main task in order to lose weight - is to make the liver to produce the necessary enzymes. And such an impact on her have mushrooms.

And just for potions of obesity, even in the XIX century in China and exported to Japan
Polypore mushroom larch
The fact that there are many species belonging to the family of Polypore, but it grows with us
And one of the components of the methodology of obesity in China and Japan was exactly Polypore larch
Now this technique reworked Dr. Philippi and adapted to our conditions
It is called "Yamakiro" and once again experiencing a boom in Japan
By the way, the results from this system and really amazing
The ingredients used in it - it woody Japanese mushrooms shiitake mushroom Polypore larch, mushrooms meytake, Sudanese rose petals (tea "Hibiscus tea"), black tea and milk Lapsany
The treatment is designed for 2 months
During this time, the liver has to work in a sparing mode, as is the translational fermentation
Diet - vegetarian, with the inclusion of vegetable oils
Hunger as such will not be so hard to force yourself to diet will not have to, because Polypore is working on trying to blunt the appetite
Thus, the technique itself

The first two weeks of daily in the morning on an empty stomach to take 2 capsules of the drug "Shiitake" and drank 100 ml of clean drinking water. After 20 minutes, brew 1 tsp Lapsany black tea in 50 ml of hot milk, to insist 15 minutes, filter and drink sips. For breakfast, eat a pear or apple and drink 2 cups of "Hibiscus tea with sugar substitute. For lunch, take 2 capsules of the drug "Meytake, drinking 100 ml of clean drinking water. Eat some chicken or lean beef, vegetables, drink 2 cups of "Hibiscus tea." In the 19.00-20.00 drink 2 cups of "Hibiscus tea, then take 2 capsules of the drug" Polypore larch and seize a piece of cheese.

In the third week in a diet can enter dairy products, lean meat and black bread. Mode supplementation the same. You can cancel the brewed tea to milk, since it has already fulfilled its function - has opened the bile ducts.

Total for the course (2 months) will need 2 packages of drugs "Shiitake", "Meytake" and "Polypore larch. Tea "Hibiscus tea" can be purchased at any grocery store.

That such a method. Like everything is simple and clear. Who is interested - please. Responding to questions and give advice.


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