We turn again to the moon, to ask the board: so what must be the moon diet?

Luna plays a huge role in our lives. Rapid relief from extra pounds, fresh complexion, good performance - all this can give a moon diet

Hello, "Grandma!

My mom did everything on the moon: sliced pork to bacon was tasty, fed chickens, eggs to bear, as well as regulate their meals. Has always been thin, agile, and she has all the "burning" in his hands.

Luna plays a huge role in our lives. Rapid relief from extra pounds, fresh complexion, good performance - all this can give a moon diet. Harmonize their weight loss with celestial objects, you'll "melt" easy on the eyes, and without much effort on your part.

The uniqueness of the lunar power system in that it is based on the natural biorhythms, and the process of losing weight is held at a time when the body is particularly ready for it. And lunar diet can calculate in advance the days when our bodies digest food, and the most prone to the accumulation of fatty deposits. Restricting the same in this period, the adoption of a fatty meal and flour will help to avoid this. Meals on phases of the moon does not represent any particular difficulty. The main thing - remember, the days eating undesirable and at this time to favor low-calorie products.

Fasting days, the proposed lunar diet, based mainly on the use of herbal teas, excellent deducing from the body accumulated in it slags. Particularly shown to hold those days in winter and early spring, when our diets a little fiber.

Surprisingly, even after one day on a diet of herbal teas you get back to normal sleep, improved skin condition and digestive processes. However, it must be borne in mind that at reduced pressure, anemia, hormone dependent diseases, pregnancy and kidney cleansing procedure should be carried out with extreme caution. And still need to be extremely careful with the use of herbal medicine allergies.

So, being treated and hudeyte on the moon. Here's how to contribute to this phase of its passage.

Discharge day in the new moon will bring the body to the greatest benefit. At this time, a willingness to release harmful substances reaches its maximum. Moreover, abstinence from food is transferred much easier. A free his body from the burden of its digestion, you allow him to concentrate on your body eliminate toxins. During the unloading of the day should drink plenty of herbal tea and juices.

On the moon rising body tends to accumulate resources. At this time, increased appetite and constantly pulls on a potatoes, then the meat, then the sweet ... The period of rising moon promotes the accumulation of fat. It is noticed that when the new moon, even with the same amount of weight eating the food is typed much faster. So try to refrain from eating too much and limit itself to the use of starchy foods and sweets. At the same time should not sit on a strict diet, as too painful to be the urge of hunger. It is better not to recruit in this period a couple of extra pounds, do not cram the night, as well as daily drink more fluids, especially from 15.00 to 17.00. Top-up the body with vitamins and minerals for growing the moon is easier than at any other time. Especially in this period is well absorbed magnesium, calcium and iron.

In Moon organism assimilates well as useful and harmful substances. This period is ideal for daily fasting for herbal teas and fresh juices, which contributes to excellent weight loss. If such a procedure seems too harsh to you, try to at least do not use products that contain artificial additives. Eat most simple food: seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as all sorts of porridge, cooked in water. Avoid fatty and smoked, or heaviness in the stomach and excessive increase in weight provided.

On the waning moon, even large meal will not harm your figure. At this time the forces are added, so try to do more physical activities and remake all the backlog of cases. Body burden will increase metabolism and will forever goodbye to extra pounds. Even at the waning moon recommended cleaning procedures, arrange fasting days. That's about one such menu item.

In the morning immediately after waking drink a glass of clean water with the juice of half a lemon or 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, or take a cup of herbal tea with 1 tsp honey.

Breakfast should consist of grass or green tea with 1 tsp honey or a glass of orange or carrot juice. It is also recommended to eat 100 grams of yogurt and one is not too big baked apple (no sugar!).

Second breakfast - 2 hours. Drink herbal tea with honey or orange juice.

For lunch, eat a cup of tomato pulp (no skin), drink herbal tea or a glass of any vegetable broth, or tomato juice.

At poludnik - a glass of herbal tea with 1 tsp honey or a cup of green sugar.

At dinner in the discharge can be eaten daily glass of pureed pulp of apples or pears, drink a glass of orange juice or 100 g of yogurt and a cup of green tea.

Just before bedtime take a glass of herbal tea with 1 tsp honey.

Besides all of this must be carried out Kefir and apple diet.

These few days waning moon is extremely favorable for the beginning of a new healthy life!

That's all that relates to the lunar phases. Now, give recipes for herbal teas that help cleanse the body from toxins.

Activates the bowels and removes inflammatory processes such tea. It is necessary to grind and mix 50 grams of marigold flowers and herbs yarrow, add 1 tsp Rose Hips (before bedtime - hop cones), and plantain leaves, then pour a mixture of a glass of boiling water, wrap and 5-6 minutes to insist. After this, dissolve half a cup (can be a little more) of this same amount of boiling water and drink. Take 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

And this herbal tea burns fat quickly, which also helps cleanse the body. Crush and mix for 1 tsp grass and mint leaf avens city, add 1 tablespoon grass heath and pour a mixture of 200 ml of melt water. Bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove dish from heat, cover and leave for 2 hours. Then filter and take, throwing boiling water as tea brewing, 3-4 times a day for half an hour before a meal.

Health and happiness to all! And let accompanies this moon.

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