Monodieta - method of losing weight and getting rid of obesity

I tried monodietu, and the result stunned me: a few days has lost 5 kg, felt pozdorovevshey and rejuvenated!

Hello, "Grandma!

I would like to propose a method of losing weight.

I have long been concerned by the question of excess weight, but I was afraid to be taken for a radical diet. Particularly frightening enemas, because I was afraid to disturb the intestinal microflora. Still want to remove the completeness, and with it, and many diseases. Soon found a way that helps to cope with obesity. It is called monodieta. Its essence boils down to the fact that for some time have to eat something one is best - cereals. I tried and the result is just stunned me: a few days has lost 5 kg, felt pozdorovevshey and rejuvenated!

So, boil the water liquid porridge without salt and butter and eat it. A few days more than anything else to use. You can sprinkle the cereal mixture of sea salt and flax seeds (up to 4 parts by weight of seeds - 1 part sea salt), pre-milled and heated in a pan, and as a condiment to use dried nettles.

With such a diet to quickly lose weight and cleanse the body good, but it should be carried out systematically. I, for example, 3 days a month, eat some cereals. You must then correctly switch to a normal diet. In the morning eat the same cereal, but with a little salt and a slice of butter, a dinner - boiled vegetables, and in the evening you can have all the liquid.

I advise everyone to try this method of losing weight. And dieters need to know that everything eaten and drunk during the day should not exceed 1 kg. To prohibit a candy! It is better to eat a date. It is perfectly dissolves fats, good clean vessels, gives strength and vigor.

To strengthen the immunity of any mixture of dried fruits in the evening wash, cover with water and leave overnight. Morning mince, add the grated nuts, honey, cinnamon, 1 tablespoon sour cream and eat the glass of the mixture without the bread.

Longevity helps in the morning on an empty stomach daily eating of fresh apples with nuts.

I wish all the harmony and good health!

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