During the ills of exile in handy my grandmother's knowledge

Women are often asked how to cure inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cyst. I want to tell you how she treated these diseases, my grandmother ...

Very often, women are asked how to cure inflammation of the appendages, ovarian cyst. I want to tell how these diseases are treated my grandmother.

When appendagitis she took a small bunch of straw, steamed it thoroughly in a bucket of boiled water, and then the water was poured into the bath, where up to half filled with hot (as far as you can tolerate) water. On the first day in a tub to sit out 10 minutes into the second - 15 minutes, and the third and fourth days - for 15-20 minutes. Make a break for 10 days, then repeat until complete healing. But there are limitations: this method of treatment is contraindicated in those with a weak heart, high blood pressure or a tumor.

Another common disease in women - cyst of the ovary. Treat it can with the help of local baths. The third part of a piece of the Children's soap "grate on fine grater, then add to the soap crumbs 4 eggs and whip everything into a homogeneous mass, then dilute it with hot water in the basin. "Bath" is ready. Item: procedure carried out strictly on the tenth day after the end of menstruation. During treatment, abstain from sexual activity.

My grandfather came under the breast wen. When viewed from the surgeon suggested surgery, but my grandfather refused. Then my grandmother got down to business. She bought the store a piece of strawberry soap, and then went to a neighbor-mechanics and begged him a jar (mayonnaise) engine oil. Returning home, she asked her grandfather off his shirt and began treatment. Picking the right hand soap, poppy him in warm water and rub in talcum counterclockwise within 10-15 minutes. Then immediately smeared richly with engine oil and covered linen towel, without wiping. First there was the unbearable pain, which eventually subsided. The oil lamp disappear within two weeks.

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