A good word to remember all of our grandmothers! I tell you about my grandmother Masha ...

Children from 6 months to 1 year Grandma gave once on the tip of a knife powder dry, clean shell eggs, and from 1 year to two years - 2 times a day ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

I'll tell you a little about methods of treatment of my grandmother Masha.

When she cooked a chicken and broth, then do so: broth to drink weak, his head - the head of the family, and his neck - his companion (wife), so that the house was in order. Sons - legs to stand and walk on the path of life, his daughters - wings that went flying and a new family of found it. Well, the rest were eating together. Liver with a piece of bile grandmother gave to someone who had a pale face and eyes with yellow. This liver and medical treatment, and tummy will order.

Pupochek (stomach), stretch out, take away the small intestine and kept saying that she would go to cooking cheese. Umbilicus cleared from the skins, washed and dried. Then he rubbed it into powder. If someone happened to upset stomach, gave to drink the water from the powder dissolved in it, and everything to normalize. If you ran the illness, my grandmother gave drink powder 12 times in the morning for 30 minutes before a meal a day. Then take a break for 10-12 days and again. After such a "course" and acidity in the stomach to come back to normal, and the chair becomes normal, and pain in the liver took place. Drink this powder can also as follows: 1 navel in the powder to dissolve in cooking oil and drink 1-2 sips of milk. You can just eat a powder, washed down with water, it also helps.

Now my grandmother's recipe for cheese: 6 pieces of thick kishochek that near the navel, add 250 g of water there, delete the whole well-washed egg, cover with cheesecloth and let it brew for 10-12 hours from dusk till dawn. In the morning pour all in 2 bottles of milk (a little warmer than room temperature) and stir. Leave on for 2 hours. Gushcha settles, and the serum will be on top. Merging until discharged, then press the hands. Ready circle with salt on both sides and put in fridge. Kishechki fill serum and leave until next time. They first need to hold the salt, then rinse well.

Diathesis. Children from 6 months to 1 year Grandma gave once on the tip of a knife powder dry, clean shell eggs, and from 1 year to two years - 2 times a day. Children aged 5-7 years need to take the powder from the half shell, and more adults - from the whole.

Consumption of the treated 9 lemons. It is necessary to squeeze the juice and pour over 6 pieces of egg white-washed. Send to 5-8 days in a dark cool place. The shell is dissolved, add 300 g of honey in May, but still better than lime, and 1 / 2 cup of brandy. All Mix and store in a cool dark place. Drink dessert spoon 3 times daily after meals.

The holiday grandmother yolk mixed with oil or some fat, dripping honey there and spread his hands and face (mask), then erased. Head often washed in water, which kicked up the yolk or whole egg - can not find a better shampoo.

And if it was necessary to resuscitate a seriously ill, he was given a drink "Nasedkin" eggs, ie those that just nasizheny. If you do not agree, then mixed with honey, grated carrots, nuts and eat.

Do not forget about the butter. If the ears hurt - spoil them with melted butter. Once this has saved her daughter and then his grandson. He had a high temperature, several times came an ambulance, injections, but no shift. What we're doing only: mustard plasters, poultices, etc. If you gave him tea, he complained that his ear hurts when he swallows. I immediately Melt the butter and drop fell into his ear. Less than 5 minutes, as he rose from his bed. When the doctor came, I decided to tell about their treatment. The doctor agreed that such temperatures can give an ear infection, have ordered some medicine and went. As soon as the door closed, I again warmed oil and dripped into both ears, a nose, and even forced his grandson to lick the spoon, dropping back honey. Most of these procedures are not required. Now his grandson 22 years old, he walks without a hat, his ears never hurt.

Even my grandmother advised to make candles from the oil and inserted into the anus. Then the normal chair, and in women, they reduce inflammation and prevent disease. You can apply microclysters from a mixture of milk and butter. It is best to do them at sunset.

And most importantly - pray, ask the Lord for forgiveness and healing. He will help.

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