My recipes are useful to all. They will not have any problems

And now how I treat my grandchildren (they have 5) from cold and cough. I picked medium onion, its labor on a small grater ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

I write to you first. Thank you for good recipes.

I had a rash all over his body except the hands and feet. Itching was very strong, especially at night, suffered from mid-June to mid-October. With only was doing - no results. One of the rooms "Grandma" advised a woman in a rash pour yourself water with the addition of sulfate. I even made this procedure - no results. The next day repeated, doused herself with a more concentrated solution, and slept peacefully all night. On the third day again oblilas water with vitriol. After that, the whole body poluschilos and cleared. Thank you very much for the recipe.

Grandson cure a sore throat with a temperature of 38.80 per day. In "Granny" was written: to gargle with citric acid. The next day, the grandson went to school.

And now about how I treat my grandchildren (they have 5) from colds and coughs. I picked medium onion, its labor on a small grater, filter the juice and mix it with 1 tablespoon honey. Take 1 tablespoon this mixture give a sick child 3 times daily before meals. For two days cough goes away. I was at the time this recipe cured my grandmother.

My second recipe - for adults. He is also very effective. In 4 tablespoons add 2 tablespoons vodka honey, stir and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning before eating strictly take 1 tablespoon this mixture, and then lunch. This recipe is good treats bronchitis and chronic cough. It really helps.

In a newspaper write a lot about sinus. I am being treated like this: in linen cloth put a heated salt and apply on top of the nose. Here you go, until cooled and then Maju Vaseline in the nose and above. For the 2 procedures sinusitis passes.

Try these recipes. They will not do harm, only benefit.

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