I believe this man without a name

People! Be vigilant, do not fall for such a scoundrel. Here's the address of one of them ...

Hello, dear "Grandma".
We have all you simply enchanted. Have the creators of the newspaper good health and prosperity. I wish also to express deep gratitude to all who responded to my request for help in the treatment of neurodermatitis. The readership of "Grandma" - this is really a big happy family. But as they say, every family has its black sheep. For example, I received a message from the city Zmiyev Kharkiv region, where some Anatoly wrote that he has a valid prescription from my illness.
I believe this man without a name, asked me to send this recipe. And what was my surprise and disappointment when the scammer instead sent me a recipe for 8 hryvnia special issue № 37 of the newspaper "Grandma". I am not against the newspaper. But I am outraged that this villain, taking advantage of someone else's work, to earn a mountain people. The newspaper costs 35 cents. I have a file for 2,5 years. All issues I keep and take advice from people in treatment. And this insolent (another word I do not find) is using other people's ideas for selfish purposes for yourself.
Here is a letter which I sent this Anatoly:
"Hello! I happened to read in the newspaper "Grandma" your request to cure the disease atopic dermatitis. And he decided to help you. I have a recipe (the treatment). To obtain this you need to send (to the address indicated on the envelope) a letter of the name of the disease, describe it and send 1 blank envelope with a label for 45 cents and one signed envelope to your address with the brand for 45 cents.
And I shall send you mail in the envelope this recipe popular method of treatment or herbs.
And here's the recipe, which Anatoly advised me:
"You need to put a compress on the night of his urine on the rash.
Also attached a letter read:
"For 25 UAH left nearly book" Recipes of traditional medicine. Payment by mail when it is received. To get it you need to send to the address indicated on the envelope, letter of request to send it.
Am sending the names of diseases for which there are: ... "-
continue to be a long list of diseases whose treatment allegedly described in the book.

People! Be vigilant, do not fall for such a scoundrel. Here's the address of one of them: 63404, Kharkiv region., R. Raisins, 4, PO Box 6
We have already written about all sorts of fraud related to the name of the newspaper. What could be sadder than recognition of the fact that some are trying to cash in on someone else's misfortune? It hurts to realize the fact that the actions of speculators are becoming more sophisticated, unpredictable, and tricks are becoming more benign in nature. In this regard, I would like to once again ask the reader to be vigilant. Recall that it is safer just to build their relations through the newspapers. Scoundrels same, believe me, will get their just deserts.

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