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I carefully read all the recipes. With some mentally agree with the other not. Your newspaper is very necessary, especially for us seniors, forgotten, and God, and Government ...

Dear "Grandma"!
I carefully read all the recipes. With some mentally agree with the other not. Your newspaper is very necessary, especially for us seniors, forgotten, and God, and the government.
Decided to write a letter for the following reason: in the number 51 from December 23, 2003 LV Alekseyev wrote that cataracts can be treated in folk medicine. I'm so tempted to ask the author of the letter: "And you know something, what is this disease?".
Alexeev offers all affected by the disease do surgery. I agree that now technology is effective replacement lens, but do not forget that the price of all this, too, "effective", and the operation is when the cataract is running, he is intoxicated salts lens. But if this initial stage of the disease, it is well treated by traditional medicine. Namely, tea leaves, black currant leaves, dandelion and burdock root - displays the salt.
We must take a teaspoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water for 10 minutes, strain and drink morning and evening before meals for 30 minutes. Burdock root, you must first pour a glass of cold water, to insist 12 hours, boil for 5-10 minutes, then drain and mix with the infusion of blackberry and dandelion. Must be within a month in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of hot water (as you can tolerate). It purifies the blood vessels, removes all kinds of deposits. Make a break of 15 days and repeat as see fit - it depends on the organism.
Works well with cataract grass louse. Need 1 tsp fresh grass juice mixed with 1 tsp lukewarm water and bury her eyes. Juice should always be fresh on the second day he did not do. You can wash the eyes and lice infusion: 1 tablespoon finely chopped herbs poured a glass of boiled water, insists 10-20 minutes. On the second day to make a fresh solution. By the way, louse - a wonderful barometer. If the flowers in the morning to 9 hours is not opened - it will rain.
At number 49, dated December 9, three sisters asked a prescription for a cough. Oksana! The three-year nurse must be well rubbed his chest with warm vegetable oil, wool scarf to hide and lay a heating pad. For 2-3 times will pass. But for older sisters, and even for adults, are very good these recipes. Get 4 walnuts, well-washed, beaten with a hammer and, together with shell dipped in the bank. Add 1 tablespoon colors of black elderberry and honey. Pour two cups of boiling water, cover with a towel and let stand up to cool. Drink 1 / 2 cup 3 times a day. Basically to do this infusion 3 times and cough will pass.
And this recipe for a cough, runny nose, and bronchial tubes are cleaned well. It can be taken for prevention, instead of tea. You take 1 tablespoon chamomile, coltsfoot, thyme, sage, eucalyptus and lime, boiled for 3 minutes on very low heat, present, and drink. The rest of the grass to fill in 1 liter of boiled water, let boil 2 minutes, add on the tip of a match balm "asterisk" and make inhalation 4-5 times. On a cold, you forget.
For Kaskovoy Alla Grigoryevna recipe from cirrhosis of the liver. Tested, no doubt. It is necessary to make such a collection: marigold flowers - 2 tbsp, herb chicory - 3 tbsp, grass Galium - 3 tbsp, dandelion leaves - 3 tbsp, burdock leaf - 3 tablespoons, grass turns of the Trifid - 2 tbsp, herb nettle - 2 tbsp, chelidonii - 1 tbsp. Mix well. Then take 1 tablespoon with the top of the mixture and pour a glass of boiled water. Insist in a warm place, preferably overnight. In the morning strain and drink warm 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Prepare fresh every day. But first you need 6-10 grains thistle chew and drink this potion. Milk is required. In the course of treatment should be 900 g. If we do not find all of these herbs, you can take one of chicory root (Petrov whip), it is sold in a pharmacy. Pour a teaspoon of boiling water and a good present. Chew the seeds of milk thistle and drink chicory.
In summer you can plant a thistle, but when she grows up, leaves dipped in sugar or honey (if the pancreas is not sick), then when they become rude, brew and drink instead of water, tea. Milk harmless, side effects, does not. This is the most powerful plant to heal all diseases of the liver, including hepatitis, cholelithiasis, spleen, cholecystitis, colitis, edema, to get rid of excess weight, etc. The course of treatment - 1 month, 2 weeks break and then repeat. If the disease is started, should be treated for a long time.
At number 48, "Grandma" on 2 December, 2003 Nadezhda requested recipe from cancer. Take equal parts of fresh bazaar sunflower oil, juice of black radish and alcohol 96% (you can double-distilled liquor). All mixed in the bottle and put on 15 days in a dark place at room temperature. After 15 days the bottle in the refrigerator. Take good shaking, 10 days for 20 minutes before a meal to 100 g per day, then take a break of 5 days and then repeat the treatment. During the 10 days should drink 1 liter, 5 days break - even 1 liter bottle, and so drunk for 30 days 10 days interval. After the entire course should be a break of 30 days. Two weeks before the end of the break is necessary to prepare a second bottle, but drink no more of 100 g and 120 g, and not once, but divided by 3 times for 40 г.
During the whole treatment can not eat dairy products. Yes, I forgot: the case of cirrhosis of the liver to eat cottage cheese every day, but not greasy. Eat no more than 100 g per day, as can form kidney stones.
His address will not leave just because I have learned a bitter lesson. They write all and sundry: the sectarians, the scribes letters "happiness", etc. All questions through the newspaper.

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