Beautify your same staircase, house, a country in which we live!

Why now fashionable to be indifferent and callous, and ashamed to be kind, honest and hardworking?

Hello, my beloved "Grandma"!

The theme of my writing a little bit not in the format of the newspaper, but also about health, health, moral, personal.

We are standing on the Maidan, advocate or not advocate for Ukraine's joining NATO and the WTO, the resignation of the government, etc. After that we go through the littered city home, cursing the city authorities for not having cleaned the streets, forgetting a simple truth that the pure, not where clean, but where do not litter. Go to your filthy, stinking, spit-covered entrance with a lamp on all 9 floors, and once again curse the life and government for all this mess. And why do not we clean up after themselves? Do not teach their children to use the cans?

I live in a big apartment house. We already have several years of no janitor, you can imagine what is happening in our backyard. I looked at it about 5 years, and last year took in the spring and removed near the entrance, planted flowers under the windows. Then the neighbors brought flowers from the country and planted them. So it was erected near the house flowerbeds - people actively involved in the process of refining house territory. It was nice and cozy! True, the rest of the yard is terrible, but so nice to look out the window!

This year, I was no longer alone in its initiative to "Lenin Saturday. Thus, in people, not all good dead?

Why now fashionable to be indifferent and callous, and ashamed to be kind, honest and hardworking? Probably because it is easier to live. The easiest way to criticize the authorities, and then come home and lay sprawling on the couch, turn on the TV and watch moronity advertising on stale breath and aromatic towels, instead of taking a broom and bring in divine form at least a staircase. Shame on you to stand out from the crowd!

The easiest way to abuse young people, but we ourselves, our indifference, we teach them to be stale, not respecting other people's labor. This is us, they must swear to the fact that we slapped his mouth with chewing gum and pulled them imported pants are given a bottle of beer, instead of books.

Nobody wants to do to improve their own lives, all waiting for some good ruler who will come and will remove our porches, backyards, city and country. All will not accept responsibility for what happens.

It hurts me to look at our landing, river. It is we, the people leaving "the nature", leaving behind a pile of plastic garbage, broken bottles, etc. Very sorry for our children, who do not know what pure river and clean forest, and this, by the way, thanks to us, adults. Why are people so quickly abandoned all the good that has been in the past, his beliefs, ideas, and become equal to the worst that has appeared in recent years that imposes on us ads and silly movies in which even states where in the need to laugh ?

People! Let us be attentive to each other, more humane. Can not live in deep shit! You can not live one day! You can not live by the principle: after us the deluge! Let us turn to each other! Less rudeness and more polite. At all levels.

While this will not understand each, nothing will change. That's why we get sick more and harder than before, and no new-fangled medicines do not help. There is no health without physical health of the spiritual, without harmony with the surrounding world. It is necessary to respect the youth of old age, but age should respect the youth. His constant frustration and inability to enjoy small things, we deprive ourselves of the happy future, we are drowned in the endless search for scapegoats in this situation. Everyone thinks: "What can I do alone?" Yes, a lot!

We all wonder: Why so bad live? In all blame the government officials. And I want to ask: are we not themselves corrupt them by popping a bribe, "voluntary" donations to the needs of an institution? Now nobody can not imagine a situation where you can go to the hospital for help, not giving a money doctor, without making "money on the development branch. As it became fashionable to show off! Extortion has become the norm, ugly norm with which we are all humbled. All sighed heavily, cursing everyone and everything, but continue to pay and curry favor with the smallest bureaucrat.

Our windows are barred and the doors of most armored. We live in a prison, hiding in his little world, and nothing we do not care. Unfortunately, many equate the concepts of homeland and power. But the officials came and went, but on our own land for our children. Let's keep this in mind and to love our motherland, Mother Nature and living near people.

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