Compresses, tinctures, decoctions of herbs quickly soothe ill joints

I want to talk about the treatment of articular diseases ...

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I want to talk about the treatment of articular diseases.

Total in the human body has 230 joints, and each of them equipped with its own "shock absorber - cartilage layer. But suddenly, these mechanisms begin to fail: it creaked, the sick, if not a joint refuses to work.

There are a number of joint diseases. Folk medicine has long treated them all sorts of herbs, ointments, rubbing, etc. And this treatment is as effective as medication. The main condition to ensure success - it certainly know the diagnosis. There are enough methods, ranging from biochemical analysis of blood to pneumoarthrography to accurately identify the disease. Her first feature - the crackle of the joints. If this happens, do not waste time and start treatment.

Joints can support the healing syrup. 200 g of leaves without spines 3-5-year-old aloe mince, add 400 g of honey, 200 g of dry red wine, 1 lemon, cut into 4 parts, along with skin but without seeds, and fresh chopped burdock root. Boil all the water bath for 30 minutes, strain and take 1 tablespoon
Boil 1 every morning on an empty stomach.

Not to be redundant and baths for the feet. Pour 1 liter of boiling water 2 tablespoons Chamomile, to insist 30 minutes, pour into a bowl and drop back to 10 minutes, aching legs. It is desirable to carry out the procedure every day for a month.

This tool for diseases of the joints preventive effect. Grind 2 kg celery and 200 g
Horseradish, 200 g of lemon with peel without seeds, mix and squeeze the juice. Add 200 g of honey and put in refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp morning and evening before meals.

Leaders in the treatment of joints found calamus swamp, rosemary, barberry, birch, hawthorn, blueberry, elderberry black, nard, clover, oregano, wort, stinging nettle, lily, linen, lime, burdock, lemon balm, tansy, wheat grass, radish, repeshok, chamomile, black currant, yarrow, sage, hops, chicory, chestnuts, etc
Of these herbs are preparing decoctions and infusions, they are part of drug charges
Burdock leaves wrapped painful joints
Fresh leaves wet in cold water, rinse, apply the lower side to where it hurts and secure bandage
This is one of the best painkillers
In summer you can pick the leaves of burdock with long cuttings and to dry
Winter would be enough to soak them in warm water and apply as above
In the treatment of sciatica in painful places are making a thick layer of leaves of burdock, a top cover sealing paper and tied warm scarf
Do these wraps for weeks or even months, to complete disappearance of pain
If a sudden pain in the joints responded to bad weather, will help them a poultice of boiled leaves of cherry

Severe joint pain and heal this recipe. Pour in half-liter bottle of dark glass of 200 g of fresh milk, add 1 tablespoon ammonia, close the neck of the stopper, shake well and leave to infuse knocks. Every 5-6 hours stir. Before going to bed to warm the contents up to 30 380s, placing a bottle with an open jam in a saucepan with water, and wasted no time, pour in a mixture of palm oil and its sore spot. Rub not need. At night you can sleep calmly.

You can cut the slices into 1-2 cm, dry stalks of marsh cinquefoil, fill them half a bottle and fill to top 400 vodka. Insist 21 days in a dark place, and then take 1 tsp 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals, spreading tincture in water. In severe cases, let us welcome 1 small glass 3 times a day. The same infusion rubbing painful joints and make it compresses. For a successful outcome must drink two half-liter bottles of brandy. The average dose of receiving it during the deposition of salt - 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals.

Apply with articular pain and banana liqueur. Pour vodka 0,5 l 6-7 banana skins, to insist 12 days in a dark place, and then rub the painful joints.

Used in treatment of joint diseases, and such a mixture. Pass through a meat grinder for 1 kg of apples Simirenko without core, cabbage without cobs and mix. Add a glass of May honey and minced leaves of plantain, again mix and put the mixture in the refrigerator. Take it to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment - 2 months. Make a break for 10 days, and then repeat two reception mixture. Again, a break for 5 days, and again repeat treatments. And so another 2 times in 2 months. When thrombophlebitis is a means not to use!

Good results are obtained by bathing of hay dust. Pour 0,5 kg dust 4 liters of boiling water and when slightly cooled down, floating in tincture patients hands and feet.

Effectively relieves articular pain is a tool. Fill the bottle about 1 / 3 chopped garlic, add up to the top 400 spirits and insist 2 weeks. Drink 1 tbsp tincture 3 times daily before meals. In the course of treatment required 5 half-liter bottles of the drug.

With strong joint pain mix to a homogeneous state with 1 tablespoon mustard and vegetable oil, put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil. Once the boil, immediately remove and add 1 tablespoon honey. Are arranged uniformly on the composition of gauze, folded in two layers, apply it to painful joints, conceal a plastic bag and wrap up warm shawl or scarf. Keep compress 1,5-2 hours. Pain gradually pass, and then disappear altogether.

In chronic polyarthritis are encouraged to take celandine extract. 1 tsp dry grass, pour a glass of boiled water, to insist, encased, hour and drink 1 tbsp 3 times daily before meals. Follow the exact dosage as the plant poisonous!

From joint pain with radiculitis, gout, arthritis, arthrosis and deliver such a remedy. Must be passed through a meat grinder 2-3 pods of red pepper, mix it with the same amount of bone fat, add a glass of juice of plantain, chopped onion, stir and make a wrap with this mixture to the affected area. The course of treatment - per month. Combine Applying compresses with steam baths.

Health to your joints!

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