As I have intestinal candidiasis won

... A lot of different recipes and tips, but on such a difficult and intractable diseases as candidiasis written for some reason very little.

Dear "Grandma"!
Thanks for the tips that helped me. Thanks for the friends, acquired in the process of correspondence. Thank you for the wonderful Valentine Seymovoy ointment.
The newspaper is knocked to number four. There are many different recipes, and tips, but on such a difficult and intractable diseases as candidiasis written for some reason very little. A request regarding his treatment appears very much. And yet it is difficult to treat candidiasis, but possible. And that suggest to the reader, I tested and verified. I suffered from this disease 25 years ago. After a large dose of antibiotics in the mouth sores began to appear, once rare, then more frequently. These ulcers are very painful, no treated, healed only by 9-10 per day. She was treated by dentists and allergists. All kinds of tests: scrapings, swabs did not identify. And so for eight years. Doctors never were able to establish my diagnosis.
His head ached, pancreas, liver, joints, tormented by itching in the ears and throat, but from the constant pain was depressed. And then the technician suggested that I be tested for the presence of faecal candida. And it soon became clear that I have bowel candidiasis. And from him all my troubles. Gave me medication. What exactly I saw drugs do not remember, but that among them was "Nystatin" I know for sure. Besides herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, oak bark, calendula yes yarrow. Brew and rinsing the mouth decoctions and taken orally.
But the main thing - diet: not a single gram of sugar, white baking, jams, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, alcohol, carbonated beverages, champagne. Very few potatoes, meat can be eaten no fat and only boiled, eat a little bread and pasta. Neither acute nor salty, no, no! You can eat: soups, porridge, cabbage, carrots, beets - all just boiled. A bit of meat, cheese, milk. Tea drinking is not sweet, but better - stewed fruit, bananas. Fruit can be, but only if they are not sweet. Eat fresh vegetables and eggs.
And also, I cooked dry oats: 5 cups of oats for 15 cups of water. Writing boil on low heat for 3 hours. Strain through a colander and cheesecloth, keep in the refrigerator. Drink 3 times a day to 100 g in the form of heat before meals and at night.
She was treated me for four months - ulcers no longer appears. Stopped worrying liver, stomach, left itching.
All the products were introduced into the diet slowly and gradually. And, thank God, cured? So who has the same symptoms, check the feces for the presence of candida. And being treated for health.

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