Cake fruits and vegetables you eat, and no more pain!

For the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract, and mainly the stomach using cake fruits and vegetables ...

Greetings to you, dear "Grandma" from Odessa!
I subscribe to the newspaper, and with great pleasure that I read. Each room waiting with impatience. Began receiving letters about my notes on the method of weight loss Bolotov. Once again, I describe this method with some additions, and thus respond to readers for their questions.
For the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract, and mainly the stomach using cake of vegetables and fruits. Cake obtained by squeezed juices, have a negative potential, which persists for several weeks. Cake can pull out of the walls of the stomach and bulb 12 duodenal metals (including radionuclides and heavy metals). In addition, the cakes themselves also absorb the remnants of liquids in the stomach, which prevent the restoration of the walls of the stomach and most bulbs 12-duodenum. Procedures with cake a snap. For example, if a person feels that he has chilled feet, he should swallow the cake in the amount of up to 3 tablespoons before eating 1 time a day to as long as he did not stop to cool extremities (arms and legs). If a person suffers from heartburn, then it is better to swallow the cake carrots. If a person has high blood pressure, then it is better to swallow cake beets. If a person suffers from lung disease - the black radish. They are suitable and stones in the liver. Juices in the treatment of gastric and 12 duodenal ulcer is better not to drink, or can they drink salted and just before bedtime. If the cakes are ingested bad, they can be lubricated with sour cream and a normal way. Beet cake often reduce appetite. This helps to quickly lose weight if you do not violate the stomach excess food. No appetite - not eating anything until the appetite again appears.
But then you have to repeat the procedure with the cake, trying to thwart the appetite. If you re-break the appetite fails, then you can eat. To remove the inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract should drink enzymes celandine.
Take 3 liters of whey, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of dry or chopped fresh herbs Celandine. The grass is placed in a bag of cheesecloth and using the weights (pebbles) are immersed in the bottom three-liter cans. If serum overheat, you need to add about 1 teaspoon cream. Then put in a warm dark place and covers marlechkoy not to plant "wine" gnats. And this mix must be at least 2 weeks. Sieve. Take a glass of 0,5-1. I choose a norm itself, because I have hyperacidity. Drink in the morning before eating for 30 minutes.
You can also insist herb Erysimum and to heal your heart, but at the same time and lose weight. But it all begins with cleansing the bowel. This I have already written.
Another interesting recipe. The question will be on normal stomach drops. Incredible, but true. To buy in the drugstore have only one bottle, which is named Wormwood. Drops in the first place cleaned stomach pain, calm the nervous system and improve sleep. You can use them in case of pressure increase.
Polyps of the rectum can be treated as follows: 1 tsp dry chelidonii pour a glass of water, put on a water bath and cook for 20-30 minutes. Cool for 30 minutes and strain. To kneel, pour the enema into the rectum 1 cup of broth, to stand up a little, then lie down on the right side, then on the left, then lie down on his back. Make it so 10 enemas. Then the 3-day break and then repeat the treatment.
You can also heal and uric enemas, but not type on a glass, and 1 liter of urine. Checked.
I wish the prosperity of the newspaper and the editorial staff - health, happiness and long life!

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