Dysbacteriosis - to change the composition and quantitative ratios microflora normally inhabiting hollow bodies, communicating with the environment ...

Dysbacteriosis - to change the composition and quantitative ratios microflora normally inhabiting hollow bodies, communicating with the environment (eg, upper respiratory tract, intestines), and human skin.
The causes of dysbiosis may be several: a reduction in gastric acidity, a resection of the stomach, jejunal and duodenal diverticula, bowel obstruction, chronic pancreatitis, immunodeficiencies, thoughtless and uncontrolled use of antibiotics, resulting in the death of a large part of the normal microflora, and sensitive to the preparation and reproduction of a stable thereto microflora, including pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic, eating disorders, alcohol, etc.
Dysbacteriosis determined by 4 main features - diarrhea, fatty stools, weight loss and anemia. Typically, diagnostic dysbacteriosis perform seeding feces flora.
Dysbacteriosis often associated with intestinal motility disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, psycho disorders - so in many cases, treatment dysbiosis should be comprehensive.
The first stage of treatment - the destruction of pathogenic flora, which use different plants with antibacterial activity. Such plants are very many: calamus swamp, anise ordinary, veronica officinalis, blackberry blue-gray, burnet drug, coltsfoot, St. John's wort, and so on. The main requirement for such a grass, is not only antibacterial activity, but also the ability to cause the defeat of the normal flora.
The second stage of treatment - adsorption (absorption) from the intestine of toxins and other pollutants. Means of classical medicine, used for this purpose, many are familiar. This activated carbon, "Polyphepan", "Zosterin" and so on. We must pay attention - activated charcoal is best applied in the form of powder, previously suspended in water (it does not dissolve). A single dose - at least 4 tablets. Of the plants can be used such as Althaea officinalis, medicinal angelica, angelica forest, Prosvirnyak timber, flax seeds, Elecampane, saponaria. For mucus such herbs usually insist in cold or warm water.
The third stage of treatment dysbiosis - the normalization of the bowel and the state of its mucosa. For this purpose, usually appointed plant bitterness contained in the guardhouse trilistnoy, Ira Bog, yarrow, yellow gentian, and in many other plants.
It is very important is to establish a chair. If the chair is weak, there is a tendency to diarrhea, it is necessary to use plants that have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Examples: oak bark, alder compound fruit, root-Badan, the root p. recta upright (Kalgan), grass and marsh cinquefoil root, root avens, fruit peel of pomegranate and so on.
When it comes to constipation, then it would be nice to start to define his character. Constipation There are two types: spastic and atonic. In the first case to eliminate constipation should be used antispasmodic herbs such as anise, fennel, dill, cumin. In the second case - on the contrary, herbs that stimulate intestinal peristalsis: buckthorn, zhester, aloe, cow parsnip, spurge, senna.
At the same stage of treatment is well installed treatment plants with vitamin properties: rose hips, mountain ash, a sequence of a tripartite, the fruits of black currant.
Usually in the third stage used enzymes such as "Festal", "Enzistala", "Panzinorma" and "Mezima. Nothing prevents combine these drugs with herbs.
And finally, the fourth stage - make another normal flora in the intestines. This herb will not get. Looking for products of the normal flora. Examples of such means known to many: "Bifidobakterin", "Lactobacterin", "Kolibakterin", "Baktisubtil" and the more modern "Hilak" and "Linex".
Apply such funds only after prior at least two-three weeks of treatment with herbs. Otherwise the effect will be short-lived and unstable.
The duration of a full course of treatment can range from 2-3 weeks to six weeks. If necessary, a repetition. The effect is controlled by the patient feels and coprogram, which are held once a month.

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