Sugar, butter and cocoa: ulcers healed, lost

The cooking process was very simple: a teaspoon of cocoa with a slide, a spoon of sugar and a piece of butter ...

Do you want to - believe it - no, but I have a favorite place to recharge my personal collection of recipes. You may laugh, but it is - a hairdresser. When I go there I go, I always take along his notebook and pen. There just do not hear everyday life stories in interviews artists and clients.
An experienced master of the most fashionable and extravagant haircuts Mila, yet kind-hearted man. Once, when conversation turned to the treatment of gastric ulcer, told the following story.
Her husband was sick stomach ulcer for twelve years, 2-3 times a year was in the hospital with exacerbation, although consistently adhered to the diet in the nutrition and carefully took all the drugs prescribed by doctors. But he had little to drink alcohol, and the disease is acute. From despair husband had already agreed to the operation, which he had repeatedly offered. But before the operation he ran in the corridor of the surgery department guy on crutches who was treated after the accident. And now this young man talked him operated on and advised to try a very simple recipe.
Male Mila escaped from the office. On the way, bought a packet of cocoa, and rushed home and immediately began to prepare the medicine. The cooking process was very simple: a teaspoon of cocoa with a slide, a spoon of sugar and a piece (about 30-50 g) butter. All this is poured a glass of hot boiled water, stirred until the drink is smooth. All need a drink. So do three times a day on an empty stomach and before meals. A month later, her husband Mila checked - the ulcer had healed completely. But he drank a half months that my hot chocolate. For three years, eats everything, like an island, and drink (in the opinion of Milla) even abuse began.
After hearing this story, I decided that there helped the sugar, because it is known, heals internal ulcers. A butter lubricates the surface of ulcers, protecting from further corrosion of mucous membranes of the stomach. And just recently read that cocoa, or more precisely - fatty acid constituent of cocoa, kill the bacteria Helicobacter pilori.I generally regular intake of cocoa yields surprising results: strengthens the immune system, disappear headaches, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and even significantly increased libido. All three components of this tasty medicine is equally important. For the price of cocoa is unlikely to be more expensive than medication for the disease.

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